Somerville, Medford Mystic Ave. Fiasco

By Arthur Moore

I had seen where Mystic Ave was to have a bus lane a while back. But since there has been no traffic problems anymore due to covid one would think they would see the wisdom of putting this on the shelf. Well, I guess the powers that be had to come in and fix what was not broken again.

You would think someone in this two-city fiasco would have seen that they could have saved their money and used it more wisely. Like help the people in desperate need during these trying times of the pandemic. We hardly needed another bad decision like the one on Winter Hill that was a sad mistake and never fixed after it was screwed up.

Do any of these people in charge ever bother to even go look to see what is going on? I doubt it. I have been down there in those hours and took pictures at different places on Mystic Ave at the lights and two or three cars hardly seems to make this whole bus lane thing between six and nine worth bothering with. There is an old saying “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Still works today as much as it did years ago. Granted I don’t know the politics of Medford but they didn’t need any lessons from Somerville.

Somerville has a poor track record of implementing anything worthwhile. I would hate to see this spread into the cities around me as many of us have to go there since Somerville took away much of the parking for businesses. Which is a boon for other cities. The bottom line is politics and common sense no longer go together. Let’s fix that instead.

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