Somerville, The Small Business Killer

By Arthur Moore

So once again Somerville is removing parking that is desperately needed by small business trying to make a comeback from the losses from covid. This time in Gilman Square, Lovely Valentine is one of them. Lovely Valentine does weddings and such so you know they had it really bad. The thing is they get customers there to interview. So they do need parking for them.

But the city now that things are open took the parking away from them. Not an unusual thing for the city to do to small businesses. I am not sure of what else is in that building that may need parking to survive. But it is done all over the city. Winter Hill where some small businesses on the corner of Temple lost their parking and now the handicapped and less mobile people can no longer go there.

Christines on Highland after moving in they took away her parking in front of her place. And look at the new coffee shop on Lowell Street. That place had parking as far back as I can remember but now gone. So people that want to stop and grab a coffee to go are out of luck. So much of this going on here that sure looks like a deliberate attempt to put small businesses out of business.

I hope they don’t expect help from our council members as that we know won’t work. My experiences with the ward 4 one is that you can forget about them speaking up for you. I only see one sign of hope and that is for Billy Tauro to become mayor, The others jumping in now already have show a total disregard for this and successfully have ignored the problem. Which is of course the thing they are best at. I can only hope that January won’t be too late to save all these businesses that we need to support.

I know they are many more places in Somerville but these I am more aware of. We need them as they help with the tax base and also if we can get enough maybe one day we can get back to he walkable city we once had where everything was here within reach and we didn’t have to drive to other cities for everyday things like we have to now.

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