By William Tauro

If I can’t drive to a location in Somerville, I won’t do business in that location with that business.
If I have to shop and then go out in the rain carrying groceries in paper bags that will fall apart when they get wet instead of a plastic bag, I won’t shop there.

Did anyone ever take statistics on how many elderly residents drive bikes or use buses?
From what I know, most of the seniors take vehicles to do their shopping and to do their appointments and everyday errands in Somerville.

If I have to go to Broadway with the bus/bike lane in place and I can’t get through traffic, I won’t shop or do business there. Bus lane lobbyist say well instead of one driver in an automobile, 25 people can get by on a bus.

Well, it’s not like that. Its actually more like 200-400 motorist driving vehicles being inconvenienced for 10 people on a bus that passes every hour.

What good is a Burger King with a drive-thru, a Johns Auto Sales used car lot and a target department store with a big parking lot if there’s no drive-by customer traffic because of an offramp is closed?

What good are all these big retail stores in a new complex built on Broadway with a bike lane and a bus lane in play directly in front of it only to prevent vehicles to park in front of it?

How can we keep kids off of drugs when there is a marijuana pot shop on every corner? How can we keep our city’s addicted drug attic’s off of drugs when we are enabling them with taxpayer funded injection sites?

Looks more like our elected officials sold their souls to the devil with the old saying anything for a vote!

It certainly doesn’t make any sense at all. These people in charge have to go back to the drawing board again and re-think and repair these mistakes that have to be dealt with.

Stop with the phony statistics and the pie-in-the-sky fictional opinions of walkable cities, get with the program and fix the problems.

It’s time for change in Somerville!

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