Political Charades Hazards Lurking On Mystic Ave and Beyond In Somerville

By William Tauro

This is just one of many shady and corrupt political development addresses in Somerville. The address is 654 Mystic Avenue in Somerville and neighbors have continuously reached out to me on several occasions to “please try to do this asap…I heard the property is unsecured. It’s dangerous!” Neighbors also wrote, “Please expose this story because it will affect the many lives of people who live there. The gate is open and anyone can just wander in.”

How can our current administration and our current city councilors including two city councilors who are mayoral candidates as well let this go on? Also, why is the Mayor and Former Somerville Alderman Sean O’Donovan so heavily involved in this? Why is the other Mayoral Candidate Mary Cassesso‘s husband so involved in this crowd with this group as well, trying to speed up the development of this property? The answer is very simple because they’re all involved for their own personal gain? Is it a conflict of interest? Yes! Should this be happening? No! Is it illegal? Yes!

According to neighboring sources, the property has serious EPA issues. Most recently, the fire department placed a protective tarp on an area of the property deeming it hazardous, especially after a ruptured underground oil tank was detected, causing more damage to the already contaminated environmental disaster.

So another big question is why is it being covered up? Why isn’t anybody exposing any of this? The answer to that question refers us back to my second paragraph of this story, indicating that they are all involved.

I know the people of Somerville aren’t blind to this issue. I know the people of Somerville are smarter than this. I also know that the people of Somerville are afraid of retaliation from these thugs, and yes I get it!

Somerville Mayoral Candidate Mary Cassesso is married to Developor Peter Miller. Peter Miller is the developer who has assisted his partners Joe Curtatone, fired political DPW Fireman Ron Bonney and the Former Attorney/Somerville Alderman/Sean O’donovan in their secret development company called Black Horse Development in extorting multiple family homes into eminent domain properties with the city, including the Ball Square Bowling Alley.

Mary’s husband Peter Miller is also named as a developer who is ready to purchase the current Somerville Police Public Safety Building/Somerville Police Station once the new public safety building/Somerville Police Station is built. It’s the best kept secret in town, but I am the best investigative reporter in town, so don’t be fooled!

Do we really want Mary Cassesso to be our next mayor, who will assist and cherry pick selected Somerville properties for her hubby Peter Miller and our former Mayor Joe Curtatone in acquiring these properties for their own personal gain?

If I’m wrong, let them sue me for slander, but I doubt it very much they will even try!

Any mayoral votes cast for Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne, Mary Cassesso or the rubber stamp At-Large City Councilor Will Mbah are just another vote for more Joe Curtatone back door dealings.

Please remember in November to elect William “Billy” Tauro for mayor of Somerville, as if our lives depend on it. And it does!

654 Mystic Ave Residences as described on their website:

Located on 654 Mystic Ave Somerville, MA. The existing building will be demolished. The new site will support 6 new units with large windows with lots of natural light with 18 covered car parking spaces. Each apartment has 2 bed 2 bath.

Project Location

654 Mystic Ave, Somerville, MA

Project Size

9,450 Square Feet (6 units)

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