American Legion Post 19 Veterans Donate $70,000 To Somerville Museum

We are pleased to announce that the Post 19 American Legion has donated $70,000 towards the Somerville Museum’s Access for All & More Campaign! At a recent membership meeting, Gene Brune, Former Mayor, Museum Trustee and a life-time member of Post 19 American Legion was invited to speak about the needs of the Museum.

Brune explained to the members that the Museum is the only membership supported cultural center of its kind in Somerville and receives no funding for the operations and expense of maintaining the building. The Museum is mostly run by volunteers with the exception of a full-time Asst. Director and part-time Art + Culture Asst. Brune asked, as a veteran and a member of Post 19, would the membership consider donating a lasting gift that will always be remembered as a part of the Museum’s history? After a brief recess, Brune was delighted when he was told that the members would be pleased to keep Somerville history alive and help make it more accessible!

Your museum in the making.
Campaign Goal
2.25m with 1.86m raised to date
For over 100 years, the Somerville Museum has
held space for the stories that shape our collective
history. As we pivoted throughout the pandemic,
we considered how to grow through this time of crisis to better serve the community. We are proud to announce the launch of our Access for All & More Campaign, which will enable us to make critical upgrades to our historic building and will increase accessibility to our programming, website and museum community as a whole. Join us in creating the space that will tell our stories for the next 100 years.

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