Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Re: Ward 3 Newsletter – May 7, 2021 and Ralph Adams Cram

May 8, 2021
Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Dear Billy

I like Ben very much, but in this instance I cannot agree that
this former church should be destroyed, especially for a developer.

Carol Rae Bradford,M.Ed.

Re: Ward 3 Newsletter – May 7, 2021 and Ralph Adams Cram

Dear Ben:

I am a bit unbelieving in that Cram was a racist and against immigrants per se.

I’ve looked him up on the Internet, including Wikipedia, and as far as i can see,
he was a very successful and brilliant architect. I’ve seen nothing at all negative.

Have you looked into the person who is accusing Cram? Does he read much?
Who is he?

Unfortunately this person sought something against Cram and I have just
searched Counter-Currents which lists accusations of homosexuality and
racism against the Orientals. These are mere accusations and not to be taken
seriously. They are not at all proven.

Cram was an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian like myself. If Cram was
everything this unknown person said, then shall we then tear down the
dozens of religious houses of worship, also the many libraries that he
designed, and all of his other works?

I hope that you can share more closer details of this negative accusation.
Any building on the historical register should be saved, including the one in my
area on Highland Avenue. I’ve been inside the former church and I’d like to see
that it is not removed. It represents history. I believe historians would agree
with me.

This is quite similar to the destruction of statues of men of history. I think all of them,
should be reserved as part of our American history, good or bad. They should not
be destroyed or removed.

Carol Rae Bradford Looking for your feedback.

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