Somerville City Councilor Throws Tantrum on Mayoral Candidate at Peaceful Vigil

Photo:Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott

Photo: Somerville News Weekly Publisher/Somerville Mayoral Candidate William Tauro with longtime friend  Hung Goon

By Tom Ford

It was a very peaceful night at the “Stop the Hate against Asians” vigil in Union Square Somerville this past Saturday evening until Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott became belligerent and threatening to a mayoral candidate in public. Minutes before posting this post on his Facebook page:

“Many thanks to @erika4rep @nicolewhaat Tracey Pratt and @WillieBurnleyJr for their words at the Just Us Somerville vigil for the targets of anti-AAPI violence this evening, and thanks to so many of our community members who came out to support them.”

Well actually all the opposite happen tonight. Somerville City Councilor JT Scott threw a hissy fit tonight when he saw Somerville News Weekly Publisher/Somerville Mayoral Candidate William Tauro walk into the event at the vigil with his wife and entourage.

According to multiple witnesses, Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott ran a muck and began screaming out obscenities to Tauro until it was broken up by event attendees witnesses at the scene told us.

Witnesses also told us that Scott became belligerent and was displaying physical threatening physical motion signs towards Tauro and began to shout at and threaten the mayoral candidate at the event.

Tauro said in an interview that “JT Scott should step down as the Ward 2 City Counselor immediately and while he’s at it to have his head examined for displaying symptoms of mental illness in such a strange and most threatening manner that he did tonight in public.”

Tauro also noted that Councilor Scott who carry’s a gun is not fit to carry a firearm in his possession acting in that manner.” Tauro said that “Councilor JTScott displayed a true act of active violence tonight against Tauro as Scott was referencing an article that Tauro recently had written about Scott the night before regarding Scott trying to refinance his CrossFit Gym on a GoFundMe page created by Scott to refinance his CrossFit Gym’s mortgage.”

Multiple witnesses witnessed Councilor Scott threaten Tauro as Tauro proceeded to not give in while standing in front of his wife protecting her then Scott finally backed off as he later moved along. Tauro stated that “this person displayed threatening and strange behavior and doesn’t deserve to be representing the citizens of our city let alone interview and harass police candidates as he has previously displayed in past meetings at city hall.”

Tauro also noted that “JT Scott is another frustrated business owner, but unfortunately he’s caught up in his own stupidity and rules that he has implemented himself to place ridiculous restrictions on business owners, he is a disgrace to the city and should step down immediately as the Councilor for Ward 2.”

Tauro also stated that he “would be considering filing charges against the city Councilor as well as for filing a petition on Monday to have Councilor JT Scott’s firearms license to carry revoked.”

This story is still developing..


One thought on “Somerville City Councilor Throws Tantrum on Mayoral Candidate at Peaceful Vigil”

  1. Not shocked to hear this at all. JT Scott is a self identified ANTIFA supporter. He is currently strong arming constituents to “donate” to a go fund me for his private business.

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