William “Billy” Tauro Valentines Gifts to Somerville Seniors Schedule

On behalf of the Committee To Elect William Tauro for Mayor of Somerville, we would like to announce the following dates and locations for distributions to our Somerville Seniors of Valentine’s Gifts courtesy of William“Billy”Tauro.

On your building’s scheduled time slot, the William “Billy” Tauro caravan of vehicles will show up in front of your apartment complex for approximately between 30-60 minutes for a Covid free distribution of complimentary Valentine Gifts.

Billy is working vigorously to return the events that have been canceled for the past two years back to the Winter Hill Yacht Club so we may continue to enjoy many more events and fun times together once again, So stay tuned!
For further information please call (617)293-2016

Please consider casting your vote for William “Billy” Tauro this coming November to be your next mayor of Somerville.
Much appreciated,


Please be aware as long as weather is permitting .

Wednesday February 10th:

9:00am Cobble Hill
11:00Mt. Pleasant
1:00 Bryant Manor
3:00 Properzi Manor

Thursday February 11th:

9:30am Brady Towers
11:30am Faulkner Towers
1:00am Pearl Stret Place
2:30 pm Corbett’s Manor
3:40pm Highland Garden

Friday February 12th:

9:30am Ciampa Manor
11:00am Weston Manor
1:00pmClarendon Hill
3:00pm Capen Court

VNA and former Little Sisters of the Poor buildings will be distributed internally

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