Mayoral Candidate William “Billy” Tauro Asks What Issues Are You Concerned About for Somerville’s Future?

Let’s voice our concerns and find a solution for a better Somerville.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and concerns as a comment here to share:

1. Identify the issues.
* Be clear about what the problem is.
* Remember that different people might have different views of what the issues are.
* Separate the listing of issues from the identification of interests (that’s the next step!).
2. Understand everyone’s interests.
* This is a critical step that is usually missing.
* Interests are the needs that you want satisfied by any given solution. We often ignore our true interests as we become attached to one particular solution.
* The best solution is the one that satisfies everyone’s interests.
* This is the time for active listening. Put down your differences for awhile and listen to each other with the intention to understand.
* Separate the naming of interests from the listing of solutions.
3. List the possible solutions (options)
* This is the time to do some brainstorming. There may be lots of room for creativity.
* Separate the listing of options from the evaluation of the options.
4. Evaluate the options.
* What are the pluses and minuses? Honestly!
* Separate the evaluation of options from the selection of options.
5. Select an option or options.
* What’s the best option, in the balance?
* Is there a way to “bundle” a number of options together for a more satisfactory solution?
6. Document the agreement(s).
* Don’t rely on memory.
* Writing it down will help you think through all the details and implications.
7. Agree on contingencies, monitoring, and evaluation.

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