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Brothers Gary and Keith Leavitt host a variety show on WMEX radio, the oldies station every Sunday morning from 6 to 9 AM. The brothers have had quite the background in both sports and entertainment for the past 40 years.

Both graduates of Salem state college and competing in sports as well as coaching sports as high as the college level they picked up the entertainment bug back in the mid-80s. Gary was a Bruce Springsteen impersonator for a look-like company based in Boston. He also has the ability to impersonate close to 10,000 different celebrity voices i.e. actors, music, athletes, politicians cartoon characters and more. His radio career includes stints with WCGY, WRKO, 1510 Sports Zone, and Mix 98.5.

He also played the part of Bozo the clown for the fox affiliate in Providence, Rhode Island. Gary has also written a children’s book titled Charlie horse, and anti-bullying book. The lead character Charlie is disabled however leads a pack of seven horses on daily trials and tribulations. It’s all about teamwork, compassion, wisdom, bravery and unifying. His hopes are to put Charlie Horse on television. He actually has an animated demo to present to the different networks.

Keith, is a high school history teacher at North East regional Metropolitan school in Wakefield. He is an avid weightlifter, has modeled for different agencies in Boston and a proponent of treating people fairly. He is the most admired teacher at Northeast regional for his efforts of looking out for all kids.

The variety show provides weekly interviews with professional athletes, well-known actors, authors famous musicians, top-notch comedians, human interest stories and business owners.

They’ve had musical guests like John Oates from Hall and Oates, Don Mclean the American troubadour with the hits like American pie, and I love you so, castles in the air and more, Valerie holiday from the Three Degrees, Lead singer Chris Allen from the Troggs, Livingston Taylor, Liberty Devitto from the Billy Joel band, Larry Braggs from the Temptations and Tower Of Power.

Some of the professional athletes that were guests have included Bronson Arroyo, Mark Bavaro, Ernie DiGregorio, Mike Ruth, Geoff Smith and Micky Ward and Jeff Juden.

Gary and Keith believe it or not have had Larry Thomas, the soup Nazi from Seinfeld as a guest.

In between the interviews Gary offers his unique form of comedy through fake phone calls, parody bits, parody songs, and trivia contests utilizing his many voices.

Brother Keith’s education has allowed him to be a top notch interviewer with guests from the historical arena, sports, music, entertainment and anything topical or interesting.

Gary Leavitt and friends is the only variety show on Boston radio and its uniqueness is that they spotlight everybody and anybody when being interviewed without trying to steal their thunder.

“Our listeners get enough of my brother Keith and me so when we have guests on the phone or in the studio the spotlight is completely on them,” said Gary. “We’d rather not call it an interview because it’s more of a conversation. Almost as if we’re just sitting around sharing a pizza with a couple soft drinks and enjoying each other‘s company. “

One quirk for the listeners is that they have an opportunity to win a dozen Kanes donuts by way of trivia each week.

“They have to earn those donuts, “stated Leavitt. “I’ll do lines from a famous movies as a famous actor with me providing the voice impersonation and the listener has to tell us the name of the movie, the name of the actor and the movie character name in that particular film.”

This past week it was Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a Few Good Men, As Good As It Gets and the Witches of Eastwick.

WMEX is 1510 AM on the dial and you can talk eiththe hosts or guests by calling 781 834-9639.

This pastSunday’s show.

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