Real Life Somerville Police Stories: David ROBINSON (Narcotics Charges) (SPD Warrants) & Alicia SALISBURY (Narcotics Charge) (Danvers and Boston Warrants)

On 10/14/20 I along with several members of the Criminal Investigations Division as part of an ongoing investigation (incident 20048675) were conducting surveillance in the location of 155-157 Perkins St. #X Somerville, MA.

During this investigation I sought and obtained an arrest warrant for David Robinson (DOB XXXX) out of the Somerville District Court (docket #2010cr000525) In addition, I also obtained a Search Warrant for 155-157 Perkins St. #X (Robinson’s residence) issued by the Somerville District Court (docket # 2010sw0061)

The purpose of this surveillance was to locate David Robinson, place him under arrest and execute the search warrant. While conducting the surveillance Robinson was observed exiting his residence with a female, later identified as Alicia Salisbury. Both parties exited the rear of the residence on bicycles. Robinson and Salisbury were surveilled to the Speedway gas station located at 709 McGrath Hwy. As they were at the entrance to the store, we made contact with Robinson and Salisbury. I informed Robinson that I had a warrant for his arrest and placed him in custody. Salisbury was properly identified and a query of her name via CJIS showed she had two outstanding warrants for her arrest. At this time she was taken into custody.

Robinson was searched incident to arrest at which time among the property located on his person were 2 grams of Heroin a Class A substance, 10 grams of Crack Cocaine a Class B substance and 3 grams of Methamphetamine a Class B substance (preliminary weights). All three substances were bagged separately and in my training and experience were in amounts consistent distribution. Robinson also had $880 in his wallet. The money was separated into three different folds. The denominations ranged from $100-$1. During the subsequent execution of the search warrant at his residence, among the items seized from Robinson’s residence were a scale, several unused baggies and an additional small glassine bag that contained a small amount of what appeared to be Methamphetamine. An additional report will be completed reated to the executtion of said warrant.

Robinson was charged for Possession to Distribution Class A substance subsequent offense in violation of MGL c94c s32 , and Possession to Distribute Class B subsequent offense x2 in violation of MGL c94c s32A(b)

Salisbury was also searched incident to arrest and located in her backpack in a bag of syringes were three separate packages of Heroin totaling 1.5 grams preliminary weight. She was charged with possession of a Class A substance (Heroin) in violation of MGL c94c s34

Respectfully Submitted,
Detective Mark Pulli #311

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