Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Curtatone’s Crimes, the Beat Goes on, But Ending Real Soon!

By William Tauro

Everyone of Joe’s accomplices have a pretty shady history including his sister the registrar of deeds Maria. I may have done, like many other kids hanging around, done some stupid things myself in the past, some more than 40 years ago as a kid growing up in the city, almost a lifetime ago to be exact, but we all knew when it was time to stop and move on and grow up. Nobody’s perfect.  But Joe Curtatone  is doing far worst horrifying things that you can’t imagine. He’s doing much more stupid and more major unethical things now tenfold as we speak as an adult.

He’s pillaging of people’s rights and properties via abuse of his powers to our property owners, homeowners, small businesses as well as to the elderly in our community for political and personal gain! Joe has done much irreversible damage to thousands of people throughout this city. One example is to just ask Sean Collier’s father his thoughts about Joe on how his son was deliberately bumped from the Somerville Police hiring list due to illegal, political tempering  and what he has caused to take place in a ripple effect in his family’s life. Joe has blood on his hands in more than one case.  Also ask the parents of the retired Navy seal who Joe extorted via the late Stan Koty with his $10,000.00 fire department entrance fee.  Just ask the Casey family why their son is no longer here.  Joe, it’s time for you to go! More fitting is it’s time for you to pay for your crimes!

What’s going to be even more interesting is to see howmany people especially our elected officials who just sat back and watched it happen all these years and let Joe get away with everything that he has done. Some of these dopes even endorsed him. But believe me I didn’t forget, I actually took notes, very good notes, and I absolutely can’t wait till they try to toss their hats into the ring. Boy oh boy do I have a stunning surprise for them! Instead of fixing the problem, they are part of the problem for letting it happen all these years as well!

All of Joe Curtatone’s  accomplices and co-conspirators will be named at a sooner than later date not to far from now. I am running for mayor in 2021 and coming out of semi retirement just to cut off the snake’s head and make Somerville great again! It’s something that needs to be done and I’m going to do it and win! I’m in it to win it for the people/victims of political abuse and political personal gain in Somerville.

So stay tuned for details and major bomb tossing on true facts and watch their faces turn pale white when I reveal all my facts about themselves! It’s in the Book!
I’m William “Billy”Tauro and I’m running for mayor of Somerville 2021. Please consider me with your vote, I won’t let you down!

4 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Curtatone’s Crimes, the Beat Goes on, But Ending Real Soon!”

  1. The answer to why nothing has been done to expose this worthless low life mayor—- GREED!!

    All he had to do was jack up all our homes to artificial prices and sit back and watch the frenzy. Not only did our own locals sell and move away, but worse, the out of town yuppies bought and flipped thousands of condos, forcing our city to become unaffordable! They used the proceeds to by single homes off RT, Lexington, while the pols lied and said they were planning to raise families here. All BS! After that soccer camp fiasco, no yuppies in their right mind would move here

    That’s how it began. But now the tide is turning. The newcomers, many have realized the big scam they are running in our city. There should be laws against local politicians owning millions of properties which they oversee as mayor, registrar, etc. It screams CONFLICT OF INTEREST and should be punishable at the very least by forced resignation or being fired and heavily fined/forfeiture.

    Many towns do not operate this way. They provide assistance to their elderly and poor. The former alderman razed a home belonging to an elderly couple, built 3 condos on the site off Mystic Ave., some years ago. The couple was placed in separate nursing homes, sadly they died a month later. This is outrageous and unforgivable. We should have a fund specifically in place to help our elders remain in their homes. Instead, the mayor hires his friends, donors children, developers relatives to work BS jobs because who else would vote for him! Not us! Term limits not only for these worthless criminals but also for those who protect these rotten scumbags!

  2. Whatever happened to the Feds taking him down??? No arrests! Nothing! I’ll support you. But you have to answer to everyone else for these promises.

    1. The first raid by state and local authorities has already occurred at the Somerville DPW regarding the theft of taxpayer dollars as well as for the DPW overtime scandal this past March 1, 2020, just only days before the pandemic arrived. A number of Dpw employees were suspended pending criminal investigation. The Somerville City Council has issued “item #28” on the weekly agenda for the City Council meeting agenda for the mayor to come clean and explain what he’s hiding so the public knows what’s going on and why is he hiding this raid on Dpw. So Denis, it has begun.

  3. It is amazing when one can have such a huge underage drinking party complete with stabbing and make it into the headlines of papers and it just goes on year after year with nothing happening. Like we are all stupid and will forget it. And how can she keep running for office with this record. Is there even paperwork filed? So right there in the public eye we can see there is something wrong here. Obviously someone up the ladder has to be doing something to try and hide it. Where is the paperwork? Did the dog eat it? At least now we have a chance to go from dictator to humanitarian. That should be a nobrainer.

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