Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Adam ACKERLY (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon)

On September 21, 2020, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol of Assembly Row. At 10:34pm, I was dispatched to Earl’s Kitchen located at 698 Assembly Row for an Assault involving a knife.

Upon arrival, I was flagged down by the witness, XXXX, and the victim, XXXX. I briefly learned that a white male wearing a camoflauged hooded sweatshirt that had a motorcycle helmet, pulled a knife on XXXX. XXXX was then struck with a closed fist by a second male wearing a red hat. XXXX declined medical attention. I located a suspect wearing a camoflauged shirt exiting Earl’s and detained him for further investigation. While Officer’s Pat Canty (East 1) and Alex Lorenti (East 4) stayed with the suspect, I returned to the victim to take a statement.

XXXX parked the vehicle, MA XXXX, in the first parking spot in front of Earl’s on Assembly Row. They were seated in the rear corner of the restaraunt, and watched the football game. Upon leaving, XXXX and XXXX entered the vehicle, and began to back up in order to pull out of the parking spot. During this manuever, they observed a group of three males attempting to gain their attention from inside the restaraunt. These three males were seated at a table near the window, and began showing “gang signs” according to XXXX. Parked behind their vehicle, illegally, was a red motorcycle, and XXXX wondered if they accidentally struck it. XXXX and XXXX exited the vehicle, and confirmed they did not strike the motorcycle. During this time, the suspect in the camaflauged hooded sweatshirt exited the restaraunt with a knife in his left hand down by his side. The suspect approached XXXX and said “I’ll fucking kill you”. XXXX observed this and took off running toward Tony C’s. XXXX was pinned against his vehicle by this suspect, when a second suspect wearing a red baseball cap struck him in the face with a closed fist. XXXX was able to enter his vehicle and flee onto Artisan Way.

I returned back inside and spoke witht he suspect, identified as Adam Ackerley. Ackerley stated he had no confrontation, and never exited the restaraunt. Ackerley later stated he did go outside, but didn’t hurt anyone. Ackerley also intially stated he was alone in the restaraunt and did not sit with anyone. He later changed his story and stated he was sitting at a table with two males he did not know. The waitress that was serving Ackerley did not wish to be identified, but stated the three males were together, and one did order a steak in which a steak knife was delivered with the meal. The knife was cleared from the table after the confrontation after it was unknowngly used in an assault.

I informed Ackerley he was being placed under arrest for Assault with a dangerous weapon – knife. I handcuffed (double-locked) Ackerley and Officer Robert Anaya transported Ackerley to the Somerville Police station in unit 200 where he was booked by Lt. Michael Capasso.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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