Ending Racism In Somerville

By Arthur Moore

My own opinion is that it stems from parents and is passed down. That is the place we need to stop it. It still exist here in Somerville but in my years here it has decreased. It is going to take many years yet before the possibility of it being gone can be accomplished.

Many of us are so lucky we were not brought up that way. In my years of doing business with the public I have dropped customers for that reason. Makes me sick to even just hear it.
I have witnessed some disgusting racial acts as well. But I don’t know where you are in life right now, but it’s up to people like the people today in Somerville to bring children up without that hatred. And I am not just talking about blacks.

Massachusetts ybe it’s time that Somerville looks for new leadership in accomplishing this? Apparently the current leadership let it drag on for much too long.

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