Letter from the Editor:Somerville’s Magoun Square Gets a Facelift at Taxpayers Expense Again

Photos by William Tauro

Live from the Somerville/Medford News Weekly “Eye in the Sky”

By William Tauro

This is your hard earned tax dollars carelessly at work in Magoun Square in Somerville this past Saturday morning! This stunt is probably costing the taxpayers of Somerville about $1000 an hour just for police details alone where the officers were forced into doing this detail.

Please keep in mind that DPW city workers are not doing the work. It’s volunteers and the Somerville Arts council activity doing the work and of course the Somerville Arts Council is on the city’s payroll as well.

At the direction of the mayor, the Somerville DPW was told to supply the paint and materials at taxpayers expense again.

The city also had at the mayor’s direction DPW crews as well again at taxpayer’s expense blocking off the square with several more squares that are scheduled to be done in the near future so that he can paint BLM on our streets.

And there was no asking for permission from him to the taxpayers of Somerville to have this done, so I think it’s time to take back control of our city now!

I think it’s time for a change in our failing leadership in Somerville, don’t you agree?

5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Somerville’s Magoun Square Gets a Facelift at Taxpayers Expense Again”

  1. Its time to defund the arts council that lazy bastard is over paid and brings nothing to the table. Use his salary to purchase more school supplies for our children who are at home trying to learn.

  2. What I love is they call to defund the police then they use them for over 24 hours to watch radicals graffiti our streets. This while hoodlums steal from residents properties in the very same area.

    Can anyone tell me what happened to the concern over the Covid pandemic, affordable housing, and assisting struggling families in the city.

    Wasted money discriminating against other members of the community. The socialist reign until they screw the emporer and he falls. Rest assured there will be more than one candidate against him this year just like his buddy in Boston.

  3. I don’t think a city should ever support a terrorist organization. Whoever permitted this needs to be arrested. We do not need racism and violence in Somerville. We have a decent city and there is no need for this kind of terrorism. Support for this group has dropped to 55% as people learn what it is really about. 95% of the looting and stealing is part of the BLM movement. Somerville was not a city that supports racism until now. And some of the people vandalizing these street murals are black. They don’t want the hate either.

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