Somerville Needs Huge Donation of Expectorants

By Arthur Moore

Now that people are driving more due to the virus our roads are much more congested than usual to the point of having long lines of traffic now due to both the virus and the city implementing changes to help us, NOT! Broadway Winter Hill is brutal once again. Backups during the day and weekends. No need of this as the road changes implemented last year that didn’t work when they did this and it still does not work for everyone.

Time to make it right. Time to do away with the those red bus lanes whose purpose now is to be used less with buses with less people on them as the MBTA reduces the amount of service we get due to being in debt and less use now. So we need to get with the program. Getting rid of the silly poles would be a plus for businesses and mobility challenged people which the city has something against due to their constant work of making lives miserable for both.

It’s time to be realistic and stop persecuting businesses and the taxpayers. You are creating problems for the people of Somerville by doing things that have no business being done here as it does not work on our problems here. These ideas worked in some places and just taking those ideas and dumping them on us with no knowledge of how to work them is not the way to run a city. Kindly do away with them and get some help in traffic that has some understanding of how to do that job.

This whole city has turned into one miserable big mess. There is no need of this. Hire qualified help. Not jobs given as favors. Or is it the plan of this city to make its residents miserable? There is no other reason for this.

Why is our Ward four elected council member not out there working for us? Not speaking out for the taxpayers? Where is he? It’s like we have no one here working for us. No wonder this ward is in this kind of mess.

The new building on the corner of Temple now advertises it has on sight parking. Not so. The customers for the hairdresser and nail salon park at the old star, those that can. The ones that can’t don’t have the handicapped parking they need in front of the businesses as the city took them away once they moved in. Where was the ward four council member then to speak out and stop this?

2 thoughts on “Somerville Needs Huge Donation of Expectorants”

  1. There is a start on this being changed as we speak. I already know Clingan only wanted the job, not the work that comes with it. I didn’t want to believe that but now I know better. The businesses and taxpayers deserve better. They pay dearly for this crap. And it is time for that to end. Notice how little we hear from the roundtable now. Kinda says it all. Nice part time do nothing job with benefits.

  2. Arthur first of all your councilor only responds when his ass is up agsinst a wall. He recently got his head handed to him at a quietly held meeting on shootings in and around your neighborhood.

    Oh you did not know about the meeting? What a surprise to you and many other neighbors. He is trying to minimize the issue. Do you think for one moment he will change anything related to the tech savie progressive wing nuts tha he claims not to be?

    Hopefully a lineup of truly compasionate people will decide to run for local office in next years municipal election. You would think the intellectuals would realize the negative impact the foolish decisions being made by the emporer and his minions.

    The cost to paint, stripe, install the bollards , signage that all constantly are getting desyroyed and replaced on a daily basis.

    The cost of doing business in the Broadway area along with every other section of the city. He is not pro businees nor a jobs guy whether union or not.

    Forget Covid the root cause of destroying this city is the privileged politicians whom most have the representative part as a second job or hobby.

    If that was untrue you would see them out in our neighborhood trying to improve walking, biking mixed with driving along with helping businesses florish and thrive not die.

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