The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and in the square! Happy Birthday to Gary DiZoglio, Linda Arias, Roberta Riel, Sophia DeMarco, Lenny Clarke, Marybeth Caturello, Theresa Tsoi, Stephen Borelli, Phip J. Jeffres, Lynda Amorella Silva, Dorothy Martin, Eddie Bergen, Millie Busi, Mary DiMaria, Jeanne Capriotti, Sherri Stoffer Belski, Bernard Black, Michael Walsh, David Soper Liuzza, Philip Soccorso, Joe Murphy, Walter Tauro, Ken Webber, Ricardo Couto, Ellen Sullivan, Mary Jo Rossetti, Jacky Goff, Jay Blake, Cathy Derany, Michael Sabatino, Fran Moore, Dolores DuBuc Hayes, Stephanie Rizzuto, Erica Covelle, Catherine Mcleod, Erin Killeen, Joseph Tsang, Mary Ellen Gil, Steven Maguire, Chris Stockbridge, Mark Riley, Joyce Haley-Brogna, Mario Sousa, Janice Goodman, Lisa White-Pefine, Ada Tauro, Janette Giso, Michelle Couturier, Ellen Seidlich, Jimmy Chambers, Rossanna D’Agostino, Happy Birthday to Madam Alderman Maureen Cuff Bastardi, Happy Birthday to Kelly Maia, Happy 19th Birthday to Casi Glejzer, Happy Birthday Doreen Repetto and Christine Repetto and Happy Birthday to Jerrilyn Denise Mitrano’s Mom Mrs. Mitrano

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