On September 11th, 2020, I, Officer James Torres, was in full uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 2, during the First-half shift. At approximately 6:49 PM, I as well as Officer Ashley Catatao (East 3) responded to the area of Prospect Street and Somerville Ave, for a report of a black male wearing a gray shirt that had exposed himself.

It should be noted that approximately an hour and a half prior, units had responded to 180 Somerville Ave (Target), for a report of a possibly intoxicated black male, with a gray shirt, with his pants at his ankles, who store security asked to leave. When units had arrived, the male in question was located outside of the store, and identified as Steve Milice DOB of XXXX. At that time, it appeared Mr. Milice was having trouble keeping his sweat pants up as they appeared loose, and he had to continually pull them up. Mr. Milice was ultimately sent on his way; please refer to incident # 20043774.

Upon arrival to the area of Prospect Street and Somerville Avenue, Somerville Police dispatch updated responding units that the male in question was now at the Burger King Parking lot (185 Somerville Avenue). It was later learned that dispatch had received a second call for this male who had now made his way to Burger King. Units responded and located the male matching the description, across the street from the Burger King. Somerville Police Dispatch stated that the reporting party (Second Reporting Party) was standing by in the Parking lot waiting to speak to Police.

I then made my way over to the reporting party who was subsequently identified as Ms. XXXX. Ms. XXXX stated that she was in the Drive through at Burger King, with her Wife XXXX in the passengers seat, and their 4 month old child in the back seat. Ms. XXXX happened to step out of the vehicle when she observed the male in question, at the corner of the restaurant with his pants down and his genitals completely exposed. Ms. XXXX then stated to Ms.XXXX of what she was observing, to which Ms. XXXX also then observed the male with his genitals completely exposed. Both Ms. XXXX and Ms. XXXX asked the male to pull his pants up to which he responded do what the fuck you want to do. The male then pulled his pants up slightly with his genitals still exposed and stated to the females that they could step outside.

In speaking with Ms. XXXX and Ms. XXXX, they stated that they could not believe what they had just seen and expressed that they felt shocked and alarmed by what they had just witnessed. Ms. XXXX then showed me a photo that she had captured of the male in question with his pants down.

The male in question who was identified as Steven Milice, was ultimately placed into Custody, handcuffs double locked. In a search incident to arrest, a large Meat Cleaver was located inside of Mr. Milices backpack. Mr. Malice was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Daniel Dellsola and booked in the usual manner by Sergeant Sean Sylvester.

Mr. Milice will be charged with the following:
OPEN AND GROSS LEWDNESS (C272/S16) and VCO POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS WEAPON/KNIFE (C9/S96). The meat cleaver will be tagged and placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer James Torres
Badge #329

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