Mayor Joe Curtatone Breaking Social Distancing Rules in Somerville for Ed Markey

By William Tauro

For too many years, our Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin has been declared as the “Prince of Darkness,” but now Mayor Joe Curtatone has truly surpassed the secretary’s proclamation and has absolutely earned that title for himself these days.

This past Tuesday afternoon Mayor Joe hosted an event rally of a crowd of over 70 people directly in front of City Hall on Highland Avenue. The event was created to rally behind Senator Ed Markey for an hour or so for a cheap photo opp. He did this all the while he was putting half of his Somerville City Hall staffers at risk of catching Covid19.

Besides having City Hall staffers there at the rally, there were residents, police officers and pedestrians in the mix as well who squeezed in just to get a glimpse of what was going on and possibly unknowingly getting infected as well. And yes, that’s Mayor Joe standing in the middle of the crowd in the blue shirt.

How can you as a sitting mayor during a pandemic hold such an event at city hall with City Hall employees present when you can’t even go into a bar and drink, but you can do this in front of City Hall at a bus stop with bus passengers weaving in and out throughout the crowd?

Either the pandemic exists or it doesn’t exist Mr Mayor or is it just a big farce like we all suspect that will mysteriously disappear after Election Day?

You just can’t make this stuff up!

One thought on “Mayor Joe Curtatone Breaking Social Distancing Rules in Somerville for Ed Markey”

  1. You have to remember that many people who go to these things it is not of their own free will. They have no choice. There are repercussions if you don’t. This I know first hand from people forced to do this. That is a common complaint I hear from many people including small business owners.

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