Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Mayor Joe Circumventing the Covid19 Closure Laws in Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

We all know that Mayor Joe always gets what he wants in Somerville and lately he’s been sneaking in and getting what he wants on Somerville Avenue especially at the new Founders Memorial Skating Rink.

Curtatone has been using the gym at the new Founders Memorial Skating Rink on Somerville Avenue as his own private gym just about every morning during this pandemic crisis.

With the recent phases all put on hold by Curtatone using the COVID-19 saga as an excuse and keeping all gyms and fitness facilities closed, Mayor Joe circumvents all the rules to his advantage.

When Joe quietly shows up early in the morning at the rink’s side door, our supervisor always asks employees to leave and go out a grab a coffee or just disappear for an hour or so, so that Mayor Joe can workout without being noticed nor disturbed.

I think it’s kind of shitty that all these businesses are closed around the city and on the brink of collapse due to Curtatone’s dictatorship rules, and then you get this guy circumventing the rules to his advantage.

What makes this crap even more disturbing is that he had this new rink built on taxpayers funds behind the already existing Memorial Rink exclusively for his friend Igor‘s Boston Stars Skating team’s use who hasn’t even paid the city for the rink’s use in years too boot.

You guys at the news should have somebody like the Massachusetts Inspector General’s Office investigate the rinks log books for municipal fraud at the rink and see for yourselves.

The mayor’s privately friend/owned skating team owes tens of thousands of dollars for back use rent to the city for the rink’s use, but the city just continues to let it accumulate and the team’s owners to get away with it at the taxpayers expense.

Just like the old saying goes “Seek and you shall find.“

He’s not above the law!

One thought on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Mayor Joe Circumventing the Covid19 Closure Laws in Somerville”

  1. We should not vote for Joe this term. We are the only city that everything is closed. Our churches are closed.

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