Mayor Joe, Green Means GO! Red Means STOP! Open Your Eyes Joe!

By Arthur Moore

Now if you look at the latest Covid charts that are colorized you will clearly see that the cities all around Somerville are in the green, just like Somerville. And common sense will tell you that the places our mayor is not allowing to open is forcing people to go to these other cities which are in the green. And with that they are staying in the green. So being the one holdout in the state with the proof staring you in the face you continue week after week holding back any chances for our local businesses to reopen when all the proof is there that they can. It is not logical. It does not coincide with your reasoning. It is obvious to us taxpayers that the only reasons are for publicity of getting your picture in the news. Also for intentionally putting many small businesses out of business for a land grab while at the same time putting those out of business that are renting possibly for the same reason. Anyone reading this can go and look at the chart and see that we are being screwed over by the mayor of this city for zero valid reasons. If there is a medical problem here then we need to address it and get somebody to take over until get gets some professional help. This is very serious when you think of it. One city in the whole state? And we are in the green like all the cities around us? I know many think of me as a complainer but I just say it the way it is. You don’t have to believe me, just go look for yourselves. We are desperate to have our city run by a competent person. And we need that NOW!

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