Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Are They Legally Beating the System or is Curtatone Playing Fitnesses Center Favoritism

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Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Why is the Assembly Sports Club located at Assembly Row in Somerville the only gym allowed to be open in the city? Why aren’t the other Somerville gyms and fitness centers allowed to be open as well where I workout?
I asked and they informed me that it’s been open for the past three weeks working under the governor’s guidelines of 40% capacity and doing just fine. When I called them if I could join the membership and come and workout, they told me that I can come in and that I’ll will welcome you as a walk in because technically we’re not supposed to be open till August 3 but you can come work out today as a walk-in and that’ll be just fine. So my beef here is that why can’t I go where I’m already a member and workout safely where I’m want, but have to change my routine to go where Curtatone wants me to go?
Are they just legally beating the system by simply going by the governor’s guidelines doing the right thing or does Curtatone have his hands in it playing favoritism again because its located in his Assembly Row which in my opinion owns him? This is totally not fair for all the other gyms out there as well as for all us longtime members of other facilities who have established memberships and don’t want to spend more money then we have to during this troubled time paying for a new membership.

Stella Reed

7 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Are They Legally Beating the System or is Curtatone Playing Fitnesses Center Favoritism”

  1. If you sheep think that the only gym open is at Assembly Row then go there but i know of and have gone to at least 6 or 7 differant gyms in the city and paid a $10 day fee,screw JOE,THEY ARE EASY TO FIND PEOPLE MOST OF THEM ARE GYMS THAT ARE CLOSED BUT LIKE THE OLD SPEAK EASYS THEY OPEN UNDER COVER LOL JOKES ON U JOE LOL

    1. That is great. Can I ask if they were at least working on following cleaning for the virus? There are other types of businesses open and I applaud them as long as they are trying to do the right thing. There were services that we were able to continue the same way.

  2. To all business and home owners– we have a long list of victims in our city who have been permanently damaged by this mayor and his thuggery of cutthroat bandits hiding in the swamp.

    Please guard yourselves well. They smile in your face while putting the daggers in your back.

    It’s well know to locals who keep their ears and eyes wide open. Colleges surrounding our city are taking over, while their employees and parents of students nvest in their future with our housing stock which is acquired through questionable means.

    In my honest opinion, this administration is only beholden to the monied NIMBY crowd who want our homes and businesses and now covid is making it easy for them to make decisions that continue to hurt the working class of our city. If city hall remains closed and councilors do not respond to emails, they have figured out a way to make decisions without a just process? I believe ward 6 and 7 have already been sold off to Tufts and why local businesses have been struggling. They must be waiting to take over Ball and Davis Squares with more of their pathetic entrepreneurial failed businesses supported by taxfunded grants. They are waiting by to watch local families finally give up and walk away by not providing them support. I’m not advocating to give up. I’m advising you to have a plan in place if that time comes. Write to your state reps and senators. Blow the whistle on this criminal enterprise.

  3. So BE Yoga has to resort to a lawsuit to open and survive if they can even do that at this point. Local people with a local business. Great idea to help kill off more of the small home grown businesses. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to this monarch. Day after day he shows no compassion for the small business person here and the elderly and the taxpayers who pay for this city. We need to end this!

    1. Off topic, but residents need to know — check out your water bill online. Its been moved to a different vendor with a processing fee. It looks like the same as Kellys that processes excise and parking tickets. Most importantly, our past waters bills have been wiped out of the online system. There’s is zero explanation provided for this underhanded tactic during so called pandemic, while other municipalities are now open.. More like a tactic used to deliberately deceive the taxpayers of our city. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay for copies of past bills or maybe they won’t be provided. EDITOR: Feel free to post this message on speak out.

      The next message is about Tufts calling all their students back. Some residents have complained about modular housing placed in Ward 7 neighborhoods for covid positive students. So now we are running a rehab for students who might be carrying the virus? I have the email send to me by the Ward 7 councilor. We need to form our own group and push back. I will send the contents of the email to the editor. It needs to get out to the public. They are worried about their revenue from students instead of the health and safety of our long time residents. Money and power is all they care about and so do their partners in crime.

  4. The Emporer do as i say not as i do. Stella you are short sighted Assembly is one of his biggest donors. Check finance reports they give under the wife etc. Tons of money for special treatment.
    Only in Somerville

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