Stolen Somerville News Weekly Newspaper Thief Bagged & Shamed


By William Tauro

Last week at 7:30 AM one morning, an off duty Massachusetts State Trooper was getting coffee at 7:30 AM at Dunkin’ Donuts on Middlesex Avenue in Somerville. He was astonished when he witnessed a lady opening a Somerville News Weekly news box and taking out a full stack of just under one hundred newspapers and then walking away with them.

The off duty trooper followed her down the street where she tossed the stack of stolen newspapers into a vehicle then proceeded to the corner of the building to smoke a cigarette. After she finished smoking and tossing her cigarette she then proceeded into a building on Middlesex Avenue ( The old Spalding Brick Company Buiding) her workplace to presumably begin her workday.

This past Tuesday during the paper’s delivery day and before loading that particular news box on Middlesex Avenue, I entered into that building and asked an employee on the first floor if anyone knew who this lady in the photos. The employee stated that we don’t know her but she works upstairs.


I then proceeded upstairs which took me into a office full of people and directly in front of me was the receptionist desk. Well, don’t you know, lol and behold, that person in the photo was sitting at the reception desk and was stunned when she saw me.

I asked her is this you in the photo? She replied yes. I asked her did you take a stack of Somerville News Weekly newspapers out of the news box on Middlesex Ave and have been taking papers all the time out of that box? She replied yes and please don’t tell anyone, yeah right!7992CC44-CE51-4AE2-9054-E8C91D326F77I made sure she was shamed in front of her boss and all her co-workers and now let’s share her photo and make her famous!

Was she dumping them for the Curtatone’s or is she doing it for her own dysfunctional state of mental capacity aka being a dick?

Photos and tips like this are always welcomed and much appreciated!

This story is still developing…

Unbelievable, strange things you see in Somerville you just can’t make this shit up!

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