Somerville Mayor’s Broken GPS

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By Arthur Moore

This is getting so absurd here. The mayor delays opening by one week. Like we are all of a sudden going to get a cure for the virus while waiting. These delays do nothing but put the mayor in the newspaper and another nail in the coffins of the small businesses here that he is obviously out to destroy.

They are taking an incredibly large hit as it is trying to hold on to their business. They are not getting a weekly paycheck like the mayor. He has lost sight of leadership on this city. Just aimlessly getting involved in other things that make no sense to the recovery of this city and country.

Let’s focus on getting this city up and running first. But also at the same time have a backup plan to reverse things should that be needed. Certainly a multiple partner relationship did not have to be a top priority right now. And having the BLM terrorist group demanding defunding the police department does not mean we have to stop what we are doing and negotiate with terrorists. Covid needs to be a number one priority at this time. Obviously it is not or we would not be lagging behind all the other cities in the state, The taxpayers of this city would like to see someone working for us for a change.

We need someone in this city to help lead this city. The direction the mayor is in is leading us away from this. The small businesses pay the most taxes and also give back to the city. Why cripple them? In the 70 plus years I have been here I have never seen someone so determined to put people out of business instead of helping them. You do not give them the credit they deserve. They will go above and beyond to survive here. Yet you treat them like toddlers. Start being a mayor of this city. Start working for the taxpayers of this city.

Start working on the covid crisis in this city. Start being a real leader of this city. Have someone set your GPS to go in the RIGHT direction. If not it clearly shows what most of us already know. You just don’t care. And what’s with all the orange tickets on cars?

People have no work and no place to go so we hit them below the belt?

4 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor’s Broken GPS”

  1. Really do you see Georgia and Florida don’t tell me what the Mayor is doing is wrong.
    To Mr Curtatone your doing a great job with this Pandemic and by caring about your city residents.

    1. Nope. Just being this city keeps the same risk or greater. The same amount of business will be generated. People just go next door to other cities which accomplishes nothing. It’s a no brainer. We are free to travel to other places to do our business. Caring about the people here he would have opened with safety measures in place. IF the other cities are not as thorough then you have done a disservice to the people here.

      1. Opening up to early would have been a big mistake we’d be right back to right were we started look at the big picture people would have been sued if Customers got sick or died from it because of them . Stop and shop lost a lot of there help because they didn’t obey the rules and are now paying because of all the poor service they provided people did go somewhere else not to any fault of the Mayor . It’s people like you that don’t see the good this Mayor has done for this city and we will prevail. I don’t work for this Mayor or even know him other than seeing him in the News or paper , Author Moore I don’t know you either only by seeing how much you complain about this man . He must have done something very wrong to you in your days cause you say nothing nice about him or maybe your just a old man that has nothin* better to do than to complain.

        1. Your welcome to your opinion. I happen to be very open minded. I have been a small business owner and also have worked with other people to start businesses here and I know many. I also work with seniors. I am involved. I write articles for this paper. I can complain about the mayor as I do not approve of much of what he has done. Take the S&S, I complained for several weeks about the glove and mask situation. It took them over a month to finally take it up in a meeting. I went twice and took pictures and could not bring myself to go in. Granted the people going there were doing this. But where I go it is watched carefully and kept clean. I am not against being safe. This does nothing as the rest of the state is open. It is only common sense. Also consider that many people are still not going to go out. I avoid as much as I can. I have yet to go out to dinner with my wife. I have gone out to dinner in the last 3 weeks. A person I take for cancer treatments wanted to eat out. He is terminal so what can I say, it is the only thing he wanted. I went to the 99 in Manchester. They don’t epen let you open the door. You are farther away from other people than you have to be. It was well cleaned and handled well. I would trust that more than a supermarket. As much as I dislike it my wife goes to the gym. Machines are cleaned before and after using. Can’t use lockers, showers or bring bags in. Small business people will bend over backwards to make this work. Give them credit for that. I would like to have a plan to pull back should anything start looking bad. And not wait. I am going out and being as safe as possible based on the info we know. So go ahead and dislike me but I do not advocate not being safe. And yes I complain about the mayor a lot. He in all his years of poor planning here has given me plenty of reasons to. You may not see it that way and that is fine. I am not going to force my opinions down your throat.

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