Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Joseph MENDEZ (Drug, Distribute Class A)

The following is a brief summary to incident # 20027452.

On 05/29/2020, I was assigned in a street clothes capacity assigned to the Drug Control Unit. At 5:25 PM, I observed XXXX (DOB XXXX) walking on School Street towards Evergreen Ave. XXXX is known to the members of the Drug Control Unit due to his reputation involving the personal use of Heroin And Fentanyl. I would also note within the last three months, I received information from a street level source stating that XXXX usually meets his drug distributor at the area of XXXX in Somerville (XXXX) around 5:00 PM. At this point I began to conduct surveillance of XXXX due to him walking towards the direction of the XXXX along with the information I received.

At this point I notified Detectives in the area of my observations and the possibility that XXXX was going to the XXXX. While traveling down School Street XXXX took a left onto Evergreen then taking a right onto Dartmouth Street, where he walked up Dartmouth Street onto Broadway in the area of the XXXX. At this point Narcotic Detectives were on scene conducting surveillance of XXXX and the area of the XXXX. XXXX was observed pacing back and forth on the phone and looking down Dartmouth Street, while he was in the area of the XXXX. Based on my training and experience, along with the information I received, I believed that XXXX was waiting for his Drug Distributor.

About ten minutes later XXXX began to walk down Dartmouth Street, where he took a left onto Evergreen and walked towards the corner of Evergreen and School Street where he remained for a few minutes looking up School Street towards Broadway. About ten minutes later Detective Cicerone notified Detectives that he just observed a red Dodge Charger (Ma reg XXXX) pull onto School Street by Broadway where the vehicle parked. Inside this vehicle Detective Cicerone observed a white female operator along with a black male passenger. About a minute later the black male passenger exited the vehicle and the Vehicle drove away pulling into the Citizens Bank parking lot (338 Broadway) that was right across the street from where they were parked.

At this point XXXX began to walk up School Street on the left hand side towards Broadway. XXXX then crossed the Street and looked at the black male later identified as Joseph Mendez (DOB XXXX). At this point XXXX walked up to XXX School Street and sat on the stairs of that residence. Mendez then walked up to XXXX and sat besides him. Upon meeting, observations were made of a brief hand exchange involving XXXX and Mendez by me. I would note that I was about 40 feet away from XXXX and Mendez. After the hand exchange Mendez walked into the parking lot of the Citizens bank where he entered the front passenger seat of the red Dodge Charger (Ma reg XXXX). The vehicle then began to leave the area and XXXX began to walk towards Broadway. I would also note that this quick meet was less then one minute long.

Based on my training and experience the behaviors displayed by XXXX and Mendez during the course of this observation were consistent with that of a street level drug transaction. At this point Sgt. Detective Rego and Detectives Goncalves and Cicerone began to follow the vehicle as I along with Detective Legros with our Police badges displayed began to walk towards XXXX to conduct a threshold inquiry. Once we approached XXXX, I observed that he dropped a baggie of a tannish powdery substance believed to be Heroin/Fentanyl with his left hand. I then picked up that baggie and secured it. I then asked XXXX what was the name of the individual he met and he advised me that he did not meet no one. I then advised him that I just observed him meet a black male. XXXX then advised me that the black male goes by the name T and that he paid twenty dollars for the bag. XXXX was shortly after advised and sent on his way.

At this point I notified Detectives that I recovered a baggie of Heroin/Fentanyl from XXXX and advised them to conduct a motor vehicle stop of the red Dodge Charger (Ma reg XXXX). Shortly After with the assistance of K9 Officer Tim Sullivan and marked unit East 3 (Ofc Reece), A motor vehicle stop was conducted in the area of XX Temple Street, which is a public way in the city of Somerville. At this time Sgt. Detective Rego and Detectives Goncalves and Cicerone with their Police badges displayed approached the vehicle to conduct a threshold inquiry. Detective Cicerone approached the passenger side of the vehicle and asked the male passenger who Id himself as Joseph Mendez (DOB XXXX) where he had just come from prior to being stopped by Police. Mendez replied no where. Detective Cicerone then asked Mendez if he had just met anyone prior to being stopped by Police. Mendez replied no. At this time Mendez was asked to step out of the vehicle where he was placed into handcuffs and under arrest.

Detective Goncalves approached the operator of the vehicle who was Identified as XXXX (DOB XXXX). Also inside the vehicle were XXXX two younger children. A query of XXXX drivers license status informed me that her license was suspended. At this time she was asked to step out of the vehicle and shortly after XXXX and her children were then transported home by Detectives. Detective Goncalves will be filing a 51A report due to the children being present during this incident.

Inside the vehicle Detectives located a digital weigh Scale. See Detective Legros supplement report regarding all evidence seized. One hundred and sixty dollars was seized from Mendez and will be subject for forfeiture. The vehicle was shortly after towed by Export Towing.

Mendez was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked Transport Unit 200, Officer Mark Canty, where he was then booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant W Rymill and charged with :DRUG, DISTRIBUTE CLASS A, SUBSEQUENT OFFENSE (C94C S32).

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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