Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jodie PERKINS (Unarmed Robbery)


On 5/29/20 Det. S. Jones and Sgt. J. Gobiel were on detail assignment when they were approached by Citizens Bank branch manager, XXXX, who stated that a female had just passed a note to a teller and robbed the bank. XXXX pointed to a white female, later identified as Jodie Perkins, as she crossed Union Sq. and started to walk up Webster Ave. Both Detail Officers began to walk in the direction of Perkins and called dispatch to request the area Patrol Units respond. See Det. Jones’s supplemental report. Officers located Perkins in the front stairway of 10 Webster Ave. I arrived at 10 Webster Ave. and observed Perkins yelling that she did not want to live anymore. A silver purse and several dollar bills were observed in the hallway of the building.

I proceeded to 40 Union Sq., Citizen’s Bank, where I spoke to XXXX. XXXX stated he had noticed Perkins as she was at teller station 3 yelling and swearing. He stated he believed she was an unhappy customer so he was going to talk to her. As he approached her she continued to swear and at that point observed the note on the counter. He said she quickly walked out of the front entrance of the bank. He said she was a red haired white female wearing a dark colored jacket and grey pants, and she was carrying a silver purse, holding a medical mask over her face. XXXX stated that as he went to walk outside, he observed her walking through the back parking lot. He said he then went out the front door and approached the two Officers. He said observed at that point that she had taken off the jacket.

I obtained images of the suspect from the bank’s security unit. The suspect was the same female, Perkins, that was detained at 10 Webster Ave. I spoke to the teller who waited on Perkins, XXXX. XXXX stated that she observed Perkins walk in through the front door. She said she took out a transaction slip and wrote on it at the counter. She said she then walked up to the teller window and handed her the slip which had writing on the back. She stated the writing was very messy so she asked Perkins what she wanted. She said Perkins stated ” just give me all your money”! XXXX stated she handed her the front row of bills from her money draw ($654 various denominations) and pressed the alarm button.

I observed the note still at the teller station. I photographed it and collected it as evidence. Sgt. Gobiel located the jacket at the corner of Stone Ave. and Union Sq. Det. Monaco photographed and collected the jacket as evidence. Det. Monaco then went to 10 Webster Ave. where he photographed and collected the silver purse which contained $34 and $605 in cash from the front hallway area floor.

Perkins was placed under arrest for unarmed robbery. She continued to make statements to Officers that she wanted to harm herself. She was transported to the Cambridge Hospital for evaluation.

I along with Det. Oliveira went to the hospital where we spoke to Perkins. She was read her rights from a department Miranda form, and agreed to speak to us stating she knew her rights. A copy of the form will be added to the case file. During the interview, Perkins stated she had been smoking crack cocaine all day and had robbed the bank in the hopes that she would get shot by the police when they went to stop her. See Det. Oliveira’s supplemental report for Perkins statement.

Respectfully Submitted,
Det. Mark Pulli #311

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