Somerville Drops the Ball Once Again

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By Arthur Moore

While the rest of the state opens up some business to help start to get things back to normal Somerville is lagging so very far behind. I have talked to hair dressers in other cities and they have already learned what and how to do things to keep things as safe as possible. In these desperate times why are so far behind?

As for me I am 100% sure yet but the fact remains the state has opened some so what is wrong here? As far as I can tell the mayor gets publicity out of this and that is about it. No more, no less. There is no safety issue as people just go to another city next to us and get what they want. So once again the businesses lose out because of politics.

The city needs to get up to speed on this and drop some of the nonsense stuff they work on instead of the important issues. One is the subject of masks and gloves being disposed of in the streets and parking lots of stores. I have written about this for weeks and also showing pictures. Others have too. So why are they just discussing this now??

Also our now council member says she does not know of this affecting the water supply. I am no expert but the Quabbin Reservoir is quite s distance from Somerville. But that is still not solving the problem. If we want our businesses to survive we have to do better than this. They are people too and unlike our elected officials they do not make money unless they are open and working.

You would think we would be ahead of everyone else, not behind. Anything that can be opened safely even if it will be less business than usual should be looked at and allowed unless we find that it is not working and we have to make a U turn. But it is time for our city to pay attention to the immediate problems of the city.

I still see the city is crippling the Winter Hill businesses in the new building. Time to end the vendetta and give them a chance. Your own ADA wants those posts gone. That protected bike lane is NOT being used. This is the time to shine and do the right thing for once.

Why do we have elected officials that do not speak up for the business owners of Somerville? People are noticing and it just may be that those cushy jobs will become somebody else’s. This is the time to stand up and have some of that Somerville pride and do the right thing and stop ignoring the people and do what they want. Not what YOU want! And you do not have to do what the mayor wants, do what is right. WHY CAN’T WE BE A LEADER???

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