Systemic Corruption Begins at the Top Down in Somerville

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By William Tauro

During this week’s May 28th Somerville City Council Meeting, President of the Somerville City Council Matt McLaughlin’s quote unquote who states on a televised city council virtual meeting “Systemic Corruption Begins at the Top Down.” President McLaughlin was referring to problems that have been occurring for a long time and that he believes all the corruption theories in regards to the Inspectional Services Department’s (ISD)dealings throughout the years.

Well, well, well, welcome to my world President McLaughlin!

This topic the Matt McLaughlin was referring to is for a development located at 29 Cherry Street in Somerville where Mayor Curtatone had the Somerville ISD Department deem the project essential and granted a temporary occupancy permit to the developer. Mayor Curtatone did all this in spite of this development and developer having a history of building code and physical violations of the special permit granted to the Somerville Zoning Board of Appeals.

In my opinion, the entire board of appeals should be fired and thoroughly investigated on whom they are and their personal connection to Mayor Curtatone. They should also be questioned on why Curtatone appointed them as well as ask for answers why they have voted on certain development projects over the past years. Corruption at its best still continues in Somerville.

All that I can say to you is that “It’s in the Book!”

This story is still developing…

Click on link below to see it for yourself:
Video Outline – City of Somerville


2 thoughts on “Systemic Corruption Begins at the Top Down in Somerville”

  1. The problem is when you get money to get elected you have to give in when there is a need.
    The owner of this property and many others has been running rampant for years adding illegal rooms and splitting units violating the building plans submitted with the permits.
    I guess the essential aspect here is the need for more housing he had a connection and got away with it.
    Poor Matt, Mark, Lance and the other concerned elected officials, it sucks when it happens and especially when it affects you and no one listens.
    Welcome to the world of the average resident who just wants to live without bullshit.
    Maybe you all make a donation to Joes campaign for re-election starting in 2021. Maybe he will meet with you and discuss his actions.

    Best of luck.

  2. Do I smell a mayoral run? This from the guy who wondered why he should be at a meeting regarding the future of businesses being put out of business?

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