Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Edilio NAJERA MATEO (MV Larceny, Defacement Malicious Wanton Property)

On Saturday, 9/14/2019, I, Officer DiFava, was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 785. At approximately 1231 hrs, I responded to 2X Adams street for a report of male attempting to break into a motor vehicle. Officer Ribeiro and Officer Schneider also responded to provide back up. While enroute to the call, dispatch stated that the male could have a possible head injury. Upon arrival, I was greeted by several residents who were standing next to a Hispanic male, later identified as Edilio Najera Mateo. I approached Najera Mateo and asked he was injured. Najera Mateo shook his head side to side and stated that he has been drinking. Najera Mateo had fresh cuts to his left forearm and I observed a few small pieces of tinted glass on his jeans near his right front pocket. While on this call, dispatch received another call for a motor vehicle that was just broken into at 16X Central street. The suspect of that break matched Najera Mateo’s description. Officer Ribeiro responded to 16X Central street to speak with the reporting party/victim, XXXX. Cataldo ambulance responded to cleared Najera Mateo who was a slightly intoxicated, but uninjured.
Officer Ribeiro notified me that the rear driver’s side window of MA registration xxxx was smashed and that there was pieces of tinted glass on the ground next to it (photo attached). Officer Ribeiro stated that she was speaking to a witness, XXXX. Officer Ribeiro conducted a show up where Najera Mateo was positively identified (refer to Officer Ribeiro’s supplemental). Najera Mateo was placed handcuffs and was transported to the Somerville Police department where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt . W. Rymill.
I went over to 16X Central street to speak with XXXX who was gone from the area, but I was able to speak with her via phone. XXXX stated that she was inside of her house when she heard a car alarm going off. XXXX looked out the window and observed Najera Mateo sitting in the front seat of her neighbor’s moto vehicle. Najera Mateo jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards her driveway. XXXX watched out her window’s as Najera Mateo ran up her driveway and into her backyard. XXXX went out onto her back porch and yelled at Najera Mateo. Najera Mateo jumped over her fence towards Adams street. I also spoke to XXXX who stated that nothing was missing from her motor vehicle.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Marc DiFava #289

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