Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Keith HILL (Shoplifting)

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 I was assigned to W-6. At approximately 4:15 PM, myself and W-7, Officer C. Collette, were dispatched to CVS at 1 Davis Square for a report of shoplifting.

When I arrived on scene I was met by the store manager XXXX. XXXX told me that 2 male parties had just shoplifted from the store and one of them was chased out of the store. XXXX was able to show me video of the two suspects entering the store. One was a stocky black male with a short afro, beard, gray shirt, black pants and white sneakers. The second suspect was a white male with black hair, a black hooded sweat shirt and jeans who I immediately recognized as Keith Hill. XXXX was then able to show me a video of Hill running from the store after being approached by a store employee. XXXX told me that Hill had stolen various electronics from the store and has been known to shoplift in the past.

I then spoke to XXXX who told me that she observed Hill come into the store and started hanging around the phone electronics display located in the store. XXXX then saw hill grab three items and attempt to conceal them in his sweatshirt. Upon seeing this XXXX approached Hill and Hill began to attempt to run from the store. At one point Hill fell to the ground and dropped one of the items but was able to get to his feet and leave the store with two of the items.

I was then able to speak with Keith Hill who was located across from CVS at Statue Park. I told Hill that I had to talk to him about what had just occurred in CVS. At first Hill denied ever being in CVS, but after I told him about the video footage I had seen, he admitted to taking two items. I asked Hill where the items were and he produced a white pair of headphones and a blue USB charger from his pocket. I asked Hill where the boxes to the items were located and he said that he did not know. Hill was placed under arrest for 266/30A: Shoplifting by Asportation. Hill was placed into handcuffs behind his back, they were checked for tightness and double locked for safety. Hill was transported to the station in Unit 200 by Officer Anaya and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio.

A search of the area for the second suspect was performed but we were unable to find him. Photos of the suspects and merchandise will be attached to this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell
Badge #340
Somerville Police Department

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