Real Life Somerville Police Stories: James BUSH (Larceny Over, Conspiracy)

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019 while assigned to Bravo Unit, I received a telephone call from Home Depot loss prevention officer XXXX stating he observed two known shoplifters place several rolls of wire in a shopping cart and started walking towards the exit.

O’Connor described the suspects as one black male wearing a reflective jacket and a hard hat, and one wearing blue jeans, and an orange jacket.

I informed Somerville Police control of the location of the incident, Officers Schneider and Morel responded as backup.

Upon arrival, I observed a male wearing blue jeans and an orange jacket running East towards Mystic Ave., and another male wearing a reflective jacket and a hard hat walking at fast past away from the store.

I stopped the male with the hard hat, and identified him as James Bush. Officers Schneider and Morel arrived on scene and detained Bush while I started to search the area for the suspect# 2.

I saw suspect# 2 remove his jacket and jump to the railroad tracks near Lombardi way. I requested an additional unit and conducted a search of the area. I located suspect# 2’s jacket on the tracks near Sullivan Square train station, and was informed by bystanders that they saw a black male, matching his description walk toward the platform.

I returned to Home Depot and spoke with XXXX and his partner XXXX. XXXX stated that he recognized Bush from pictures of individuals involved in organized retail crime (ORC). XXXX stated that Bush was involved in other larcenies at Home Depot in Quincy.

XXXX stated that he saw Bush and suspect# 2 outside the store. Bush walked in first and suspect# 2 followed. The two met in one of the aisles where Bush directed suspect# 2 to select twenty rolls of wire, valued at $1299.40 placed them in a shopping cart and walked towards the exit.

Bush and suspect# 2 stopped near the exit, Bush tried to distract one of the cashiers. XXXX heard Bush tell suspect# 2 “No, no, not yet.” Bush walked up to suspect# 2 and told him to “chill”. While acting as a lookout, Bush told suspect# 2 “Now, now. Let’s go.” That’s when the two left the store without paying for the merchandise.

All items were recovered and returned to Home Depot.

Officer Morel placed Bush in handcuffs. He was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer T. Lambert, and booked by Lieutenant W. Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Samir Messaoudi #312

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