Letter from the Editor: Is A Somerville Candidate for Alderman-at Large a Fraud


The mayor’s pick for Alderman-at-Large moved in and lives here in an affordable unit with her ex husband’s mother for only a hot minute from Chicago only to qualify to run for office. So don’t be fooled look were she lives now, Assembly Row and remember what happened when he tried to sneak his other puppet Omar into office? 🤔 During the last municipal election she hosted a house party for Joe at her Assembly Row apartment.

Allegedly sponsored by his friends at Federal Realty.

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: Is A Somerville Candidate for Alderman-at Large a Fraud”

  1. Sadly for her because if you remember the last election Trader Joe endorsed Jack Connolly and it was the kiss of death for him.

    Another wing nut to add to the bunch if she makes it. The registered voters need to do their homework on those currently in office and any newbies that enter into the fray.

    If not they will continue to see increases on every cost to live here such as increased water fees, taxes, parking fees, bonding. And more wing nut driven ideas such as children voting.

    The taking of our rights of removing trees on our private property.

    The installation of more unsafe bike lanes placed in areas where driving a car is a challenge. The reduction of much needed parking spaces.

    Denser neighborhoods because of the alleged housing crisis that’s been created so silver spooned Socialist can live here.

    We need more moderate elected officials that will stand up for the working class residents and homeowners.


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