Somerville Speakup Line:Troubles Brewing In Somerville High School

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I do NOT want my name or my kids names published whatsoever. The hate is too real. Shit’s about to go down at SHS tomorrow because these kids were having fun with there prom-posal and made the mistake of posting it on Instagram.

People are now Tweeting, FB & resharing on IG and it’s scary to see what’s being said by their peers. They’re being bullied and have had physical threats made against them.

The school is aware but no one does anything. They’re allowed to spew hate and intolerance constantly and no one can say boo because they’re “racists”. Enough is enough.

You have to do something Billy. These kids and anyone who sticks up for them are being attacked. There’s too much hate and ignorance and something bad is going to happen.

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  1. Trump is a scumbag, and it says a lot about those who still support him after he’s had 2 years of proving that. But at the same time ask yourselves how likely you are to change these 2 by treating them that way, and changing them should be your goal, not revenge.

  2. Anonymous: I rest my case: if you are a SHS student?and that’s your typing skills? And that’s your thought process as a future democrat?your one more village idiot to add to the pile.

  3. Massachusetts dept. of elementary and secondary education has published these percentages. Somerville high school for 2018 had a graduation rate of 86.7 percent, drop out rate of 5.6 percent, or approx. 270 students dropped out. I don’t find these stats very appealing. My children graduated with 100 percent of their entire class going to a 4 yr college.

      1. That would mean there would be 4816 students in a school of only 1300+.

        I’m assuming you used this and saw the first number and thought that was it. It’s not. There were 270 students in the class. at a 5.6% dropout rate, that’s 15 people, not 270.

        They study percentages in 7th grade, if you’re looking for a refresher.


  4. As a youth worker in Somerville for over 8 years I could not be more proud of the incredible young people I see every day who consistently advocate for equity and justice in the face of bigotry and ignorance. Nothing in these screenshots involve bullying of any kind. Giving a police detail to escort these white students who knowingly posted this looking for a reaction (typical right wing playbook– provoke the left and then prove how ‘irrational’ they are for having a reaction, even though it’s exactly what they want) maintains a false presentation of these young white students as ‘victims’. Victims of what? The free speech of other young people who have resoundingly spoken out to say that their bigotry is not welcome? No one has assaulted anyone. Why do they have police escorting them? What are they afraid of?

  5. They are afraid of being assaulted just like the college student at USC. They need to be protected for their free speech. Just like any other citizen who practices free speech that people like you want to deny them. Your words are the words of a left leaning liberal not from Somerville who’s been here 8 years and you know what’s best for all of us. NOT!. Go back to where you came from and try to change your own people. Let us in Somerville solve our own problems.

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