Somerville Speakup Line: Testimonial by a Whistleblower, Victim of Sexual Harassment and Vicious Bullying Due to Local Political Corruption

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

“It was political”, replied a long time retired local politician who knew all the players involved.

When whistleblowers are silenced where does the truth go? I’ll tell you. It rests in the sealed folders locked in cabinets at the offices of lawyers and HR departments of employers.

Even if cases reach the moral compass of lawyers who fight for justice of their clients, cases are settled out behind closed doors. The only people who have the privilege to the truth are lawyers of both parties, the parties themselves and perhaps their families and closest friends.

Everyone else gets fed lies and gross distortions about the victims in order to protect the guilty parties. If you don’t believe in some conspiracy theories, now would be a good time to consider the possibles with a critical mind of independent thought. If you believed the important ones were true— congratulations. You are among the enlightened.

If truth can be bought, hidden, threatened and covered up, how are we to coexist as a lawful, humane society? When truth can be compromised, held for ransom, distorted by mainstream media and buried, how can we claim there is true justice provided by valid accounts of worthy investigative journalism? That’s not possible.

There is a conspiracy to silence those who are opposed to corruption and in anyway possible. Men and women who manage to harness unchallenged corrupt power, especially where vested interests are involved, if compromised, will do anything to preserve that power.

Take a look around this region and see, its glaring reminder within new housing development and its benefactors, the many victims who have been forced into silence because they made it into law. The truth is now the enemy and anyone who is brave enough to expose it is treated as a criminal.

Based on his defendants claim of innocence, a famous local defense attorney from Boston once said, “Until these tragedies happen to other people, will they understand”. His point was clear— there are two sides to justice depending on what side of the line you stand on— the wrong side or the right side based on connections.

I wanted to name everyone who played a part in causing my life significant detrimental change and damage because I dared to write on what’s considered the unspeakable. The truth too hard to admit, were about true events that effected me deeply as well as my community of hardworking, dedicated local families which I was raised.

As you know, the law is against us when we are forbidden to reveal the names of persons who attempt to ruined our lives. Some have teams of lawyers waiting on standby to pounce on anyone who stands up for their rights while exposing hard truths.

For many years, I remained silent and chose to look the other way when I learned about the unethical and immoral behavior of people I worked with and dealt with in and around two neighboring cities.

There’s an expression, “You go along, to get along”. It’s generally used as a threat, warning, and induction, if you dare to challenge the establishment you are employed or reside. I was getting it from both sides for years and decided I had enough. It was time to expose them.

I’ll leave you with quotes to try to understand the evil culture I endured for more than a decade. Some believe it’s better to bury abuse and “move on”. I respectfully disagree. Burying the truth is never going to make it right, or remove the destructive memories that haunt us. It’s better to confront abusers if possible and expose the evil deeds they commit to members of the law and hope they are held accountable.

Based on my previous writing on Somerville News Weekly, I leave you with comments stated to me or about me so you can understand what I was forced to endure while trying to expose corruption. If we can’t talk openly about the things that compromise our well being and the lives of our neighbors, friends and family than we may as well shrink up into a ball and never do anything meaningful.

This is my paying forward. I hope for change and one that helps us learn to live in peace.

All of the comments below are factual. I swear to tell the whole truth….. and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

“Remember where you came from.” (Politician)

“I had the Federal Marshall on the line to report him but I was told to stand down.” (Retired supervisor)

“What a clown, the guy is an extortionist, how do people put up with that in your city?” (Former coworker)

“Those who go up against him, get their lives ruined”. (harasser/ political insider/former relative of politican)

“Do you do sexting? Send me a picture of your breasts. Can you believe a woman at the office sent me a picture of her ugly naked body? What am I suppose to do about that!”. (harasser/political insider/former relative of politician)

“No one will talk to me. These people better never ask me for anymore favors”. (harasser/political insider/former relative of politician)

“You can’t go to that meeting to expose their plan to fire your boss, they will fire you”. (harasser/political insider/former relative of politician)

“I have always appreciated your loyalty and hard work and you will always have a job here”. (former supervisor)

“You did all the work on that project and we need you to confirm (in order to fire a colleague). You have 11 more years to go to retirement, no worries, your in good hands with your manager who appreciates your hard work and loyalty ”. (former supervisor)

“We are probably going to cut your hours or eliminate your job”. (former manager/after reporting bullying by political mole)

“You know I’m the only one who has helped you, no one else does. Look at the way she eats food over her keyboard. She’s a disgusting pig”. (bully/political mole)

“You lost your job because you were a minion and it was political” (political insider)

“If you have something negative to say about ___, I don’t want to hear it. You must drop the harassment claim against __because we already have too many lawsuits.” (former supervisor)

“He likes you a lot, the young guys in the office think your attractive. We need him on those details so it’s in your best interest to go along with him.” (former manager)

“Your dead to me, you ____”, spits on the floor. (former co-worker)

“She has a problem with you and her boss. I would never date anyone who wears a wife beater.” (protected bully/political mole )

“I miss those baby dikes in Ptown”. (former colleague)

“That kid was a lousy drunk”. (protected bully mole, described suicide victim and former colleague)

“If I’m being a Bitch, you need to tell me”. (protected bully mole)

“She makes me so mad, I want to throw her through a glass pane window. (protected bully mole)

“You need to deal with her, we don’t want central HR coming in you never know what they will dig up here”. (former colleague)

“____ use to invite male staff to her home when her husband was out of town”. (former coworker)

“Who’s been sleeping with who from the office, these days, since my retirement?” (former colleague)

“I thought I told you to fire her!” (directed towards internal HR recruiter)

“My mother was the nurse who cared for the grandmother of the Boston mayor”. (former manager)

“She told everyone at the office you accused her of harassment/bullying”. (manager) considered “mobbing”, in order to force accuser into silence.

“She told everyone you walked off the new job transfer so you would never be hired back”. She screamed about you” She better never try to come back here!” (source: coworker threatened with glass pane window)

“We are willing to address this with her but you must first tell us who shared that information with you”. (HR) I declined to reveal my sources. They would have been reprimanded or worse, no doubt.

“I have heard the same complaints by many people sitting in that chair, you won’t beat them. For some reason they are protected”. (Retired overseer)

“I’ve lost sleep over the past three weeks having to deal with this issue. I’m so sorry to do this to you but you have a choice to resign in good standing and apply to a different office or accept termination. I won’t do a performance review because it’s too much work and I would have to harass you all day”. (transfer/ former manager)

“You worked in a toxic place where we have tried to place temporary workers who quit days or weeks later citing the place was impossible”. (reputable temp agency, financial district, Boston)

“The director wanted to hire you but was told to keep looking”. (new prospect)

“You do know I continue to be good friends with those you worked, did you call them”?
(former job prospect same industry)

“How the F did you find a transfer and when did you sneak away to interviews, you F B. You do know I’m a close friend of the manager who hired you”. (colleague)

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I did report it and I will address this but I’m not sure anything can be done”. (former supervisor)

“I want you to know, I tried to help you”.

“It’s so nice to run into you. Do you miss us? We have missed you very much. The place is not the same without you”. (former colleague)

“I want you to know there’s a dark mood here that’s so different since you left”. (supported team member)

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. What they did to you was so wrong”. (former supervisor)

“I’ve had patients with exact same complaints and history of abuses at the same work place many still undergoing treatment some as inpatients”. (variety of healthcare professionals)

Lessons learned. If I had the chance to go back and change anything, I wouldn’t. As challenging as the entire experience was, it was the best thing that happened to me.

Since July 2017, my world has been filled with the richness of friendships including local people who reached out to me, some new, others old friends reunited. It’s what my family taught me. Our relationships can make us stronger than we ever knew we could be. It’s true— hard times prove who cares for us the most.

My exposing the truth, is for everyone who was also made to feel less, insignificant and used and easily disposed of, in such a way that should never happen to anyone.

To all the locals out there still fighting for their homes, businesses, jobs and integrity— be strong. Continue to focus on what’s important— your families and your friends who will help you get through the bad times and celebrate the good. It’s what matters most of all.

I dedicate this to my friends and family, without you, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.

Also to one of my dearest friends recently retired who called to check on me and support me throughout this ordeal. I will never forget you and your dry wit and good humor. The Daily WS clippings of political caricatures you dropped on my desk each morning. Your great wisdom and encouragement to “keep smiling”, will carry me to a better place. If ever there was a father or big brother figure out there for me, it was you. I will miss you, most of all.

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