By Bob Katzen

This law requires licensed drivers over age 21 to provide the Registry of Motor Vehicles with the name and contact information of a person to be contacted in an emergency. Drivers under 21 would be required to provide the same information about their next of kin. The information would be stored and first responders could access it by scanning a barcode on the back of the victim’s license.

Supporters cite the case of 20-year-old Joshua Cloutier who was in a car accident in 2003 but since he was over 18, medical officials were not required to contact his parents. He spent three hours alone in the emergency room before his parents were told by the parents of another passenger in the car that Joshua had been in an accident.

Sharon Cloutier, Joshua’s mother, is leading the movement to get this bill signed into law. She has filed it for several years but it has never been approved.

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