Somerville Speakup Line:It Must Be Nice To Be Related To Mayor Curtatone

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

As for tax payers, residents, home owners and business owners we have the right to demand answers from the police department and from the mayor.

Why has this police officer cousin of the mayor been getting way with all these high profile crimes?

Crimes such as taking heavy drugs while on duty, dealing drugs to our children and most despicable of all trying to steal a Rolex watch as well as cash from the stone cold body or a deceased victim, a known drug dealer, in his own home.

How did this police officer cousin of the mayor know the items and type (Rolex) watch was on the victim’s wrist as well as knowing the exact cash amount of currency that was in the victim’s pockets when the mayor’s police officer cousin wasn’t even at the scene of the death.

Is it because that this mayor’s police officer cousin was buying his drugs from this drug dealer possibly? I think so!

Just that alone should be explained by the police dept or by this police particular officer instead of rewarding him with all that he has received on the taxpayers dime.

He gets fired for taking drugs and selling drugs and then he gets rehired and his job back. He gets caught doing drugs while he’s an on active duty to protect the people and residents and taxes payers of Somerville. And he keeps getting his job back gets to point that he gets caught again.

He should be fired with no pensions. By law he should be fired and with no benefits at all.

Also can the mayor and/or police chief explain why the other five police officers who got fired didn’t receive the same consideration as the mayor’s cousin?

That shows that the mayor covered this up so his cousin has money for the rest of his life under his disability and on our dime.

This POS has been getting way for 16 years.


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