Somerville Speakup Line: Why Didn’t Mayor Raise Taxes in 10 Hills?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Look at this, the developer put this on the market last July listing it at $995k …. The guy ( I believe who is a well connected Somerville Attorney has his hand in ( not sure ) …The developer paid 1 million for this house sunk a ton of money in it and now can’t move it …. hmm what was the tax increase in Ten Hills ???? Hmm 🤔 coincidence???

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  1. The average homeowner is completely unaware of what is yet to come. The recent bill was the final bill from 2018. The real increase has yet to come. In them there will be no change for condo owners and ten hills comes out on the botttom again with a minor increase compared to the rest of the city.

    The sales in ten hills are minimal therefore when the revaluation is done based on prior sales ten hills does not change like it does in all the other areas of the city.

    That is likely why all the heavy hitters reside in that ten hills lower cost to live in the city where there is absolutely no control on spending by the most prominent ten hills resident the Mayor.

    The 2019 taxes will continue to rise as a direct result of the spending. The high school, the union square redevelopment costs, the 50 mil t bond, cpa increases with the valuations and more coming the soon to be bonded public safety building.the discussion on increases of permit parking fees.

    All this occurring while we watch our streets deteriorate, municipal buildings and school fall into disrepair, bicycles take over the streets while we pay the excise tax for the road use.

    Residents are forced to raise rents on their tenants. Seniors, Veterans, disabled residents and long term residents are exploring packing up and moving out as a result of the unaffordable environment created by this administration.

    The developers continue to desecrate our neighborhoods with over developed complexes that destroy the properties by building on most of the open space that provide recreational and gardening space.

    Tax payers need to rebel as they are in other countries the politicians talk a good game with clicky verbiage but do not produce for the working middle class families that made this city what it is today.

    Election Day cannot come soon enough. Your vote will count and can send a message.

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