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STEALING SOMERVILLE MASSACHUSETTS- death of an urban city is an expose of abuses. A compilation of articles from Somerville News Weekly, local newspaper. William Tauro is investigative journalist and publisher of newspaper.

Tauro shows pervasive effects of Mayor Joseph Curtatone six terms in office.

Sources claim exit ramps leading to small businesses were closed to drive them out; houses and properties were taken by eminent domain. The mayor and development partners do not give market value for properties.

Land is appropriated by city and housing etc. are built under the aegis of local government. People, who want to build, use companies approved by mayor. Bids of contractors and vendors are tampered with so negotiations favor municipal administrators.

The mayor charges firefighter candidates $10,000 to secure employment. One case resulted in death. The candidate, a navy seal and scoring high on the entrance exam, was turned down. His father refused to pay the fee. The candidate took his life.

Cover ups by police for the mayor. A policeman, the mayor’s cousin, attempted to rob a deceased victim’s valuables. A gay policeman was denied rights to address negative treatment. His pension is questioned.

The mayor’s drug usage fuels problems. No rebuttals or charges have been filed against Tauro.

An investigation by the Federal Government is under consideration.

The mayor re-elected for a seventh two year term. The Board of Aldermen replaced by “new blood”, due to Tauro’s publications during election. Hopefully, this change will reach the mayor’s office

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