Meet this weeks special person of the week Somerville DPW’s Theresa Hussey Rogers

Just this past year our family heard about what has been happening with Theresa Hussey at the water and sewer department last year. Her suspension came as a shock to us, since throughout the years she has gone above and beyond in helping our family with our sewer issues.

Over the past 8 years we have had a huge issue with the sewer from the street backing up into our basement. The city would not support us with any money for clean up, even though the problem was with the city sewer. The person who has helped us has been Theresa Hussey. she has had the staff of the sewer department consistently check the sewer.

When we have had an issue with back up, she has come immediately and unblocked the sewer. She has made sure that the tree roots are cleared, so that this problem is not happening all spring and summer. Without her we would be paying money to a cleaning service at least two to three times a year at $1000 per cleaning.

When she comes to our house she is always helpful, funny, and positive. It is so distressing to have the sewerage back-ups, especially with a young child in the house. Theresa’s attitude, hard work, and understanding of her job have helped us numerous times. She truly knows how to do her job and wants to help the community.

Before our sewer issues we did not know Theresa, but now we know that she will be there immediately when we need help.

Throughout the years the community of Somerville has grown and changed. Many of the changes are positive and have created a stronger Somerville. Our family has been here since the 1800s, and we love this city. Part of its strength are people who grew up here, and have stayed with the city through positive and challenging times. Theresa is one of these people. Her work for this city and the community are important to Somerville and what this city has been and what it will become.

The McKenney Family

The Somerville News Weekly salutes you for all your dedicated service and for all the good that you do for the citizens of Somerville to make it a better place.


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