Somerville Speakup Line: City Wide Fence Project of the Schools

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Did you know about this:

On Oct 18 at 415pm I came home on Otis street to find a fence company putting a fence to the Edgerly School lot This fence is part of a city wide fence project of the schools. As and my family have been told by the city this is for safety and to keep people out during snow emergencies.

As many of you know the city is already conjested with cars and there is not enough parking as it is, so now the city is taking away more space.The gates will be opened and closed by a remote that every teacher, custodian, trash truck, employee will have. This was agreed by city officials on the sly and put under the 2019 budget.

The cost is probably in the thousands. No answers have been given as to why, city says safety but, no safety issue are given and they are locking out people when we need the help during snow emergencies.

No answer to where the money is coming from to cover hundreds of dollar in poles, electric wiring, programing of at least 800 remotes if not more, and upkeep to the remotes.

I am hoping the residents of Somerville see this and are as outraged as we are.

Please share to get the word out to the residents for those who use the school lots for snow emergencies and who follow the rules of the signs posted at these school lots. Where are you going to park your vehicle?

I am saddened that this city who keeps allowing condos to be built with no parking is kicking the residents by taking the emergency parking away.

Thank you for reading and helping spread this injustice.

Denise Rangp

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  1. Did you also know part of the Central Hill proposal is to make school s2treet a two way street – eliminating parking already strained parking on one side of the street- if you ask they’ll say it’s just a proposal

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