Somerville Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang:Construction and Detour Information Updates

Good news! Finally, starting next week, ALL of Cedar St. will be repaved. This coming Tuesday, October 9 and Weds Oct 10 all of Cedar Street will be milled by two different contractors working at the same time. During those two days Cedar St will be closed with the usual detours.

Then, the following week of October 15-19 (unless it rains which would delay the work) Cedar Street will be repaved. The street will be closed for most of that week. Once the pavement cures, Cedar St will be repainted/restriped late at night later in Oct. or early Nov. During the week of paving, sections will be closed to traffic, resulting in more of the unpleasant detours that we have endured for so long.

However, once the paving is done, for the first time in 5 years, all of Cedar Street — from Broadway to Elm Street — will be free from construction & detours…for a couple of months….Starting sometime in Jan. 2019, the Broadway/Ball Square Bridge will close for a year for the Green Line Extension (GLX) project, diverting thousands of cars a day onto Cedar St and other neighborhood streets.

Mitigating the impact of the detours from the Bridge closure is my #1 priority.

One thought on “Somerville Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang:Construction and Detour Information Updates”

  1. Hopefully they will put some refective paint or something on those damn curbs they bumped out into the middle of the street. Was whoever planned that aware that it snows here and for all intents and purposes the DPW is on that street? Well at least its easy enough to just go over the Broadway bridge and avoid that road all together. Wait, what?

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