Police Officer Maryanne Manfra Honored By Somerville Seniors

By William Tauro

This past Tuesday, the Somerville Council on Aging along with our city’s seniors honored Police Officer Maryanne Manfra at luncheon party in her honor.

The seniors expressed their appreciation to Officer Maryanne Manfra who devotes her heart and soul to the community and who always has their backs.

“Maryanne, a Somerville Police Officer for over 20 years, is being honored for the care and compassion she gives to the most vulnerable members of our community. She exemplifies qualities we can all aspire to, offering a hand up and never turning away from people in need” said Mark Alston-Follansbee, Former Executive Director of the Somerville Homeless Coalition as he was describing Officer Manfra as she was honored back in 2014 as she was also honored back then as well by the Somerville Homeless Coalition where Officer Manfra was the recipient of the 6th Annual Tina DeLellis recognition award.

6 thoughts on “Police Officer Maryanne Manfra Honored By Somerville Seniors”

  1. Congrats,If anyone deserves to be honored It’s you.Thank you for being their for Donnie and myself.You are a very compassionate lady.I hope we will meet again.Good luck and enjoy your life. Joan Donahue

  2. Maryann your are truly a wonderful police officer, and wonderful person,who is always there for her community!!

  3. Awesome Job Maryann,if anyone deserves this it’s you..Your a great Officer and person and friend..All around an inspiration..Congratulations and much love..Laura Ward

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