Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jordan YANDLE (Trespass) & Davonte BOWDEN (Trespass, Disorderly)

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”

On 9/17/18 BOWDEN was a disorderly person, in that he or she did, with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, engage in fighting or threatening, or in violent or tumultuous

behavior, or did create a hazardous or physically offensive condition by an act that served no legitimate purpose of the

defendant, in violation of the common law.

G.L. c.266, §120.

on 9/17/2018 BOWDEN did without right enter or remain in or upon the dwelling house, building, boat, improved or enclosed land, wharf or pier of another, after having been forbidden to do so by the person who had the lawful control of such premises, either directly or by notice posted thereon.

On Monday September 17, 2018, at approximately 1835 hrs. I observed a group in the area of 5x Memorial Rd x section stairwell and basketball courts. It should be noted we have received reports from concerned residents of large groups of males smoking marijuana, leaving trash in the hallways, listening to vulgar and loud music on stereos, and causing uneasy situations where residents were very nervous to enter the apartments.

Upon my approach by vehicle I parked in the 1x Canal Ln parking area, this is an area that has frequent calls for gang associates to meet up, and multiple calls of fights, disturbances, loud music, and also a homicide as occurred.  I observed a male known to me as YANDLE, JORDAN (who is trespassed from all SHA property). At the basketball courts

It should be noted YANDLE is a self-identified known associate of the “MP45 gang”. MP45 claims to have a territory in the Mystic Development. Within the last year they were directly involved with a homicide.

YANDLE began to speak with a group of individuals, as I attempted to signal for him to come towards me from my cruiser he left and his walk pace sped up towards TEMPLE ST from the rear of 2x Memorial Rd and I lost sight of him. I put my cruiser in drive and called off my location and requested units to respond and attempt to apprehend YANDLE.

I rounded the corner of 5x Memorial Rd and looked to my right and observed BOWDEN, DAVONTE another known associate of “MP45”. He was sitting by 5x Memorial Rd steps and I heard him yell “Yo, let’s get the fuck out of here”.

(DAVONTE is also trespassed from all SHA property). BOWDEN was directly involved in a homicide last year where he transported the victim to the hospital from 1x Canal LN., they began to leave in the opposite direction where I came from fled towards the rear or 3x Canal Ln and I lost sight of them.

Within the past few months we had given them multiple verbal warning of their trespass and they indicated they both understood and we allowed them to go on their way.

Moments later I was contacted by Ofc. Clarke (car 4) that he was headed to the Healey School. While speaking with Ofc. Clarke via phone he stated he observed them by the Healey Middle School basketball courts standing on the steps that led to the front of RIVER RD. (RIVER RD is Somerville Housing Property). I began to travel in that direction and park my cruiser in front of the steps on River Rd. I walked towards them and they all smothered what smelt to be burnt marijuana cigarettes. They began to walk in the direction of the group I saw earlier, now playing basketball and attempting to ignore us. Ofc. Clarke also approached.

I walked up towards DAVONTE, and he began to state I see him often and let him go, At that time, XXXX who is also trespassed began to repeat. I advised he was warned multiple times of his trespass. He began to swear and call me the N word. I looked around and observed middle school aged children with their parents approximately 20 feet away.

They looked up at our direction and were alerted to BOWDEN’s swearing. As I advised him to keep his demeanor calm he began to swear and say state “Fuck you N*” I am done with you. He was placed under arrest and he was handcuffed to the rear. As I was removing him from the area of a large group of his friends. He began to swear more the volume of his voice was greater as he was attempting to excite a crowd around us and call responding officers the N word. He was reminded numerous times of his volume and language was causing parents to move away from the area and shield a few children.

Ofc. Clarke then placed YANDLE under arrest and we removed both from the area. It should be noted the group began loud and yell. They removed cell phones from their pockets and filmed from a safe distance. All the while swearing. They were warned to keep their voices down.  At that time, we called for the transport wagon (200). Ofc. Moreira, Van Nostrand, and Lorenti arrived to assist with the  crowd. 200 arrived and transported YANDLE and BOWDEN to the station to start the booking process.

Respectfully Submitted,

Invs. Peter Granitsas #930

Somerville Housing Police

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