Lion’s Head at Homans Building Removed

On Friday, as part of the Green Line Extension project’s commitment to historical preservation, a mold was made of the Lion’s Head at the Homans Building. The Homans Building is scheduled to be demolished in the coming weeks. The building is very close to the future Green Line tracks, and land is needed for an electrical substation and other GLX-related infrastructure.

The goal is to remove the lion’s head from the building in one piece, but the mold was created as a ‘precautionary measure.’

The removed lion’s head and mold will be given to the City of Somerville.  This work is being monitored by the Somerville Historic Commission.  A work plan was presented and approved at a Historic Commission meeting.

2 thoughts on “Lion’s Head at Homans Building Removed”

  1. At what expense to the tax payers. I think most would like to save some money. How much more will it cost the average person in Somerville to stay and survive with all the dramatic change that takes place and the price keeps going up. Hopefully the lion was properly vetted. I don’t want it to come back and bite us in the ass.

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