Somerville Police Department New Recruits

Congratulations to our new recruits! They have graduated today! Welcome to Ofc: P. Ribiero, M. Cleary, M. Canty, R. Anaya, N. Moreira, D. Lambert. #LawEnforcementCareers #SPDProud

One thought on “Somerville Police Department New Recruits”

  1. Congratulations! You folks are embarking on what will probably be a lifetime career. The best way you can truly serve the people is to keep a fresh altruistic mind – in other words, take the good habits and refuse to adopt the poor habits of those who come before you. Personally, I have not had positive experiences with the SPD; they seem to look first to reasons why they cannot help rather than make an honest effort to assist. Sorry to say this has happened with myself and neighbors more often than naught. Maintain an attitude of helpfulness – after all, most people don’t choose to call the police unless there is a genuine need for help.

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