By William Tauro

A suspect that was allegedly accused of defacing a grave and urinating on American flags last week at a Somerville Veterans cemetery is being detained on a court ordered 14 day evaluation stay in a Rhode Island psychiatric facility after he allegedly made threats to kill himself.

Last week we wrote an article about a Facebook post that was posted last Monday that had since gone viral on the Internet where a good samaritan who witnessed two alleged vandals defacing a grave in Somerville at the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

According to the samaritan’s Facebook post he also witnessed one of the vandals urinating on four cemetery flags that they pulled from a grave at the cemetery before leaving the scene.

The good samaritan then followed the alleged vandals and was able to get an opportunity to grab a few photographs of the suspect and his girlfriend.

According to sources, the alleged suspect was arrested this past week at a Rhode Island airport by Rhode Island State and Warwick Rhode Island Police as he was boarding the plane attempting to return to Oregon to elude any arrest or conviction by local authorities.

We are also being informed that Deputy Chief James Stanford of the Somerville Police Department contacted Mayor Curtatone and asked if the department should issue an arrest warrant and apprehend the suspect after the 14 day evaluation stay but was allegedly asked to stand down because of political pressure issues being put on him on both ends by certain political groups.

On Monday we attempted to obtain a copy of the police report at the Somerville Police Station of this incident but we were turned away and advised that no reports were available.

Somerville Police Detective Mark Polli who has been recently assigned the case was unavailable for comment.

Read the following original Facebook post below that was posted which led up to this article:

I witnessed something today that outraged me! I was driving down Broadway in Somerville. I stopped behind a bus waiting to pull into Clarendon Station. I looked over to my right and saw young people (early to mid 20’s) go into the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

As they approached the statue, I saw them grab the 3 or 4 mini flags that were placed in from of the statue. The guy took the flags and tossed them behind the statue. What I saw him do next pushed me to a point where I said to myself “ENOUGH”.

The guy started urinating on the flags. I quickly pulled over, got out of my car and headed over to them. The girl was standing by the gate (she must have been the look out). I started yelling at them to stop, asking him as I approached ‘what the hell he was doing’. He stopped urinating, pulled up his pants and started walking out of the memorial.

Both of them walked up Broadway laughing. I walked behind them for awhile telling everyone I pass what they did. I went back to the memorial to see what damage was done (see photo). An older gentleman came over and thanked me for taking a stand. He told me he has 2 friends buried there.

Still outraged, I felt I needed to do more. So I got back in my car and drove up Broadway (toward Telle Sq) to see if I could find them. I wanted photos of them. I saw them walking up Broadway. I pull over across the street and waited for them to catch up.

They were across the street and I snapped a few photos from my car (see attached photos).

What possible reason could they have for desecrating a WW2 Memorial? There are consequences for our actions. They probably thought no one would do anything. They were WRONG!

UPDATE… After reviewing over 800 comments I understand everyone’s outrage but do not condone taking action into your own hands. I fully intend to file a report with the police and share all information that I have.

Taking action into your own hands will only distract from what they did. Don’t give them anything to use in their favor. Thank you.


  1. Attempting to flee back to Oregon another in a long line of haters from that trash of a university the entire State needs to be kicked out

  2. If the Mayor of Somerville doesn’t prosecute these two to the full extent of the law, I sure as hell hope he never gets elected to a public office again.

      1. Well I hope the Mayor of Somerville tells his District Attorney to prosecute these two scum bags to the full extent of the law……

  3. So claiming that he will kill himself will obstruct justice? His female partner in crime is a law student at Tufts. Yet another situation of Progressive, Democrat, USA haters playing the system

    1. Gilchrist, you’re a pot stirrer. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. Is he a friend of yours that you know his political affiliation? He’s just an ignorant man.

      1. This has everything to do with Democrats. They brainwashed my entire generation and made them hate our nation. These wastes of space are more than likely a product of that indoctrination. Gil Christ is right. These two are worthless human beings.

        1. It’s interesting you talk about brainwashing.

          You have brainwashed yourself to believing that this story is true, even though you have no reason to believe it is true.

          And now you’re utterly infuriated over it.

          Probably ready to hurt someone over it.


          “Worthless human beings…”

          You write something about making people hate our nation – but then you write “worthless human beings.” Is that a phrase that a loving human being uses? Or a hateful human being?

          Is that an American concept?

          Because that doesn’t sound like the sort of thing a real American would say. At least, not an American who believes in the Bill of Rights.

          Our Bill of Rights instructs us that our country is founded on the premise that there is no such thing as a “worthless human being.”

          I don’t think you’re worthless, Nebworth. I think you’ve made a lot of cognitive errors, probably from fear, or hatred, or maybe you’re just born with a half-serving.

        2. I agree with you 100%!!!
          I was a Democrat all my life until the Clinton clan showed me the error of my ways! The ugly show put on late summer of this year, re: What lies and rioting the stinking dems were ready to stoop to in order to destroy a man’s life, his family, and his good name!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  4. When the truth is covered up how is it possible to find the evidence? Maybe if we had a legitimate form of justice in this region one might be able to expose the obvious corruption. But instead the stories pile up without any repercussions. It totally smells like rich family cover up with expensive lawyers….and this illegal “stand down”, no other explanation. I’m also wondering if a few more campaign contributions have been made as well…… prove they are not guilty. Photos don’t lie and neither do videos of the repulsive act, Those who condone this behavior have obviously never seen the horrors of war.

    1. Try to remember, at this time, there is no evidence that any of this is true.

      So, no rage needed at the moment, sir.

  5. The Somerville Police have to get the Mayors permission to arrest people? Yeah, nothing political about that, huh?

    1. Civil service was removed from the chief, stripping him of power. Dictators direct their secret police….

      Liberal fascists monitor everything by surveillance in the Republic of …..why not here.

      It’s not to protect us it’s to protect them….when they screw up. Those tapes can be stored or destroyed.

        1. Obviously you are part of the problem…. too much has been exposed. Enjoy the ride….. those coattails are beginning to unravel.

          1. LOL! Perhaps your problem is my solution.

            I will go a little further, and identify what the problem is. In this specific case, the problem is that you believe that a symbol is more important than the concepts that it represents.

            And when you believe a symbol is more important than the concepts it represents, then there’s always trouble. Never good, always bad.

            Take your love of Freedom Cloth. Consider how ready you are to convict and punish, based on a largely fictional event.

            Just for perspective: nowhere, at no time, has Freedom Cloth endorsed punishment without due justice, nor has Freedom Cloth ever endorsed excessive punishment in relation to the crime.

            That’s something you and several like-minded folks have invented. And it is not admirable.

          1. Unquestionably. I’m sure they’d like to piss on us both.

            However, that is not my kink. At all. I respect, of course, others’ whim to engage it that, or whatever they please. It’s simply – but most definitely – not for me.

  6. Does anyone here understand what is happening to our youth? Especially those going to college? They have been brainwashed by the far left liberal fascists who are anti-American. Do you recall the protests of Antifa?

    We have a group of angry protestors in Somerville who call themselves Our Revolution- they claim to be the followers of Bernie Sanders.

    They have been to public hearings in past months to protest our way of life and demand rent control, right-of-first-refusal and pushing the transfer tax so they can have subsidized housing paid by homeowners and business owners.

    Many live 10-20 per apartment, some with small children, abuse tenants rights, create nightmare situations for landlords.

    They are college educated freeloaders who know how to manipulate the system to their advantage getting grant funded start ups and subsidized art studios and housing.

    This has been going on for years right under everyone’s nose, yet hidden and protected by the liberal elite who have embedded themselves into our local political system.

    They were exposed by their own arrogance and hateful demeanor at city hall for all to see— heckling long time politicians who sided with locals and they actually believe they will get away with trying to steal homes and properties with the help of ultra liberal politicians.

    You connect this recent episode at the cemetery with their continual demands for bike lanes, GLX, harsh treatment against motorists and property owners, politicians who disagree with their deeply flawed political agenda, I think we have a serious problem.

    1. Do you understand that your deep, philosophical, incipiently-bigoted monograph has been prompted by what is becoming more and more likely to be a big hoax?

      The event you’re criticizing may not have happened. At least, tthere’s absolutely no evidence that it happened. There is a single, anecdotal report from a Somerville-visitor George Gatteny. He has filed a police report.

      There is absolutely nothing further suggesting that this story is true.

      You might as well be arguing about a star trek episode.

      And that, I’m afraid, is what’s happening to the youth of this country – along with everyone else. Easy to fool, hard to explain logic and critical reasoning to.

  7. The Somerville police ask for the mayor’s permission to arrest someone? The Rhode Island police arrest someone for trying to board a plane? This story doesn’t make any sense.

    1. According to the article, the Somerville police asked if they should issue a warrant for his arrest upon his return. Meaning after RI frees him. I agree, why ask permission to arrest someone that did something illegal? Are they going to ask permission if I do something stupid like get pulled over for reckless driving? If the mayor really said no because of “political” reasons, he should resign. If he’s ok enough with anti-American behavior that “political pressure” is going to sway his decision, he shouldn’t be representing American people as far as I’m concerned.

      1. The information reported in the article is unvetted and uncorroborated, and quite likely to be entirely false.

        1. Why do you assume it to be false? Is there a record of him being arrested in Rhode Island? Did Rhode Island confine him for evaluation? Has Sommerville attempted to obtain an arrest warrant. It sounds like most of the information is most likely true. The real question is why did the Police ask the Mayor for permission to arrest when it’s the District Attorney’s job. What kind of a messed up operation are they running there. And why are you so quick to chastise those that are appalled at such blatantly disgusting behavior. I have to agree with the person above who suggests, although didn’t actually say, that you appear to have a seriously left leaning agenda. Rhode Island clearly had enough reason and evidence to stop him from getting on a plane or he would be out by now.

          1. You ask, “Why do you assume it to be false?”

            I have do not assume it to be false. I observe, however, that most of the information in this article is completely unvetted and uncorroborated. There are no other sources independently verifying any of the claims, and the author does not provide citation for any of the information he provides.

            There are two pieces of information that are vetted, and are corroborated by independent sources: that George Gatteny posted an anecdotal report on Facebook, and that he has filed a report with the Somerville police.

            You ask three questions in succession:
            “Is there a record of him being arrested in Rhode Island?”

            No. There is no evidence confirming that he has been arrested in Rhode Island.

            “Did Rhode Island confine him for evaluation?”

            No. There is no evidence confirming that he has been confined in Rhode Island.

            “Has Sommerville[sic] attempted to obtain an arrest warrant.[sic]”

            There is no information being independently reported at this time that Somerville PD has sought an arrest warrant – so, “no.”

            If verifiable evidence of any of those claims is available in the future, naturally, these questions would be reevaluated to include that evidence for consideration.

            You ask, “And why are you so quick to chastise those that are appalled at such blatantly disgusting behavior.[sic]”

            I am quick to chastise anyone who makes summary judgement absent of critical reasoning, employing poor-quality information, or demonstrating poor reasoning skills. And, rather than chastise, I prefer to think of it as engaging in discussion to mutually reveal a superior model over an inferior model.

            You also write, “you appear to have a seriously left leaning agenda.”

            My agenda is the promotion of accurate journalism, the encouragement of people to employ critical thinking skills, and to contribute towards a society and culture that values truth over falsehood.

            I don’t know where such values lay on your idea of a political or ideological spectrum. Nor can I imagine why that would be relevant.

            You also write, “It sounds like most of the information is most likely true.”

            You likely have very poor skills in critical evaluation. Improving these skills would give you a superior foundation for developing your opinions and judgements.

            I would hope that the example of our conversation together provides insight to the nature of these skills and their successful application.

              1. That’s fine.

                The absence of a salient or reasonable argument against what I’ve demonstrated leaves you with very little recourse. I do understand that.

                1. …you did observe, did you not, that the OP had asked at least six discrete questions, and had made several discrete points, all of which deserve the respect of a response?

                  Sounds like someone might have had a little too much lead dust in their favorite childhood cereal to be able to focus on one thought for anything more than about 40 seconds.

                  …and I’m thinking that someone probably didn’t get further than the fourth paragraph in those 40 seconds.


                2. He’s definitely a troll for the mayor. The other site is full of them. Just ignore the annoying condescending hack. He’s just trying to disrupt the discussion board and spy for his boss. They print a lot of liberal bs on the other site so the koolaid drinking liberals will believe they are living their dream….. until their tax bill arrives.

                  1. Huh… Entirely possible, I suppose. What’s the other site?

                    The interesting part, of course, is that whether I’m just some guy (as I usually think of myself in terms greater society), or a “troll for the mayor,” as you have suggested, that you’re unable to provide anything to support this entirely defective blog posting, and unable to offer response to any of the critical points I have made demonstrating these defects.

                    Good evening.

    2. Lots of holes in this story …….if CNN can fake hurricane winds I am sure whoever wrote this can do the same……so sick of people sensationalizing stories for Facebook

  8. There is no evidence that he attempted to flee the state, or that he attempted to leave with the purpose of avoiding arrest.

    This “article” is the only source for that claim. And this article has a lot of problems besides that specific, unsupported claim.

    1. How about that he threatened to kill himself over the whole ordeal and that’s why he was trying to flee the state he told authorities?

      1. Well, when I can see verifiable and vetted evidence that suggests that “…he threatened to kill himself over the whole ordeal and that’s why he was trying to flee the state he told authorities,” then I will add that to my analysis of the anecdotal report of this event.

        Until that time, this is best viewed as a fictional claim from an utterly defective and mostly unverifiable posting.

        1. When I see a reputable news outlet that reveals all the facts you imply, which I fail to see one exists in this saturated liberal fascist region, and names the identities of the accused and their family, including their status in society and why the mayor ordered our members of law enforcement to “stand down”, I will draw my own conclusions.

          We need not look much further than history of cases were the accused were let go due to political reasons and their status in society. Obviously, you are harboring your own agenda. Could it be first horse to cross the finish line?

          Anyone else would have been hauled into court within hours of witness accounts and photos of the accused.

          In my opinion, this reeks of political corruption at its worse once again. The family of the accused must be loaded, are heavy donors to the very college named and all have a direct connection to one another. Try to guess how many times the misguided offspring of liberal elite pull this crap without any consequences. But obviously you have no clue but to attempt to discredit a news outlet that’s tried repeatedly to expose corruption in this city, because it’s the only one.

          Maybe they should hire a team of psychiatric professionals instead of corporate lawyers.

          1. Fortunato’s Fate- You write, “Obviously, you are harboring your own agenda.” Yes, and I should hope I have made that agenda obvious. In case it is not, my agenda the reduction of false information, the promotion of truthful, vetted information, and the promotion of critical reasoning.

            May I further suggest that your statements, including, “When I see a reputable news outlet that reveals all the facts you imply[sic], which I fail to see one exists[sic] in this saturated liberal fascist region…”; “The family of the accused must be loaded, are heavy donors to the very college named and all have a direct connection to one another,” guarantees that you have an agenda. I wonder if you can articulate it specifically, as I have my own?

            Also, in regard to your nearly-incomprehensible first paragraph, you don’t actually have to wait for all the crap you wrote. You can actually go out and do the research yourself. You may never have thought of that, of course, since I don’t think your agenda includes things like performing an analysis on vetted data in order to derive a logical conclusion. But the fact is, you can.

            You write, “The family of the accused must be loaded, are heavy donors to the very college named and all have a direct connection to one another.”

            There is no “accused” at this time. There is an anecdotal report from Somerville resident George Gatteney. There is a police report filed by Mr. Gatteney at the Somerville PD. Representatives of the Somerville PD, as of last week, have stated that the report has been filed, and that they are investigating.

            There is no further information regarding the investigation that can be confirmed.

            The remainder of your fourth paragraph is truly an exploration in paranoia and world-building. You wove all of that from the wisps of an anecdotal observation?

            Talk about agendas…

          2. …the information reported in the article is unvetted and uncorroborated, and quite likely to be entirely false.

          1. When there is evidence that anyone has been caught red-handed of anything, then we can discuss that evidence.

            Until then, we’re discussing an anecdotal report that has – nearly two weeks into its investigation – not yielded any evidence.

    2. He was caught in Rhode Island! He left Mass. He knew he was wanted. That is called fleeing the State. Obviously to avoid arrest. Can u seriously not see that? Or do you have a problem with reality?

      1. Most likely we are dealing with the same lame attempt of deflecting the truth, as in all the stories of criminal activity involving the privileged bullies who run this city and region. The people have a right to know why this creep fled to RI and tried to board a plane destined to Oregon. Or has he already arrived at his destination called home?

        If he wasn’t in RI then where is he? The mayor demanding the police to back off is highly irregular but not in this case obviously because as we can see by channel 5 reporters who attempted to expose other stories that went nowhere, here we are once again. I’m sure channel 5 and other networks were told to back off as well.

        Shame on the halls of justice for their failures to bring charges to everyone protected. Not only is this a travesty of justice but it’s an outrage to the many who have paid for their crimes and the innocent who were wrongfully incarcerated due to similar circumstances— blaming the fall guy so someone gets away.

        You can try to spin this anyway you want— truth remains to be seen yet not exposed in a manner that is necessary. The locals are fed up with this oppression and tyranny. The veterans and all long time residents deserve better and deserve the truth!

        1. If any element of the anecdotal report posted by Mr. Gatteny can be demonstrated as true, perhaps what you say could be considered and evaluated.

          However, at this time, there is no evidence supporting Mr. Gatteny’s anecdotal report.

          This blog posting includes mostly uncorroborated and unvetted information, and cannot be relied on as factual.

  9. They should of let him attempt suicide only to bring him back and let him suffer with no meds Then run a piss on his face as he lay in a pool his own swill

  10. I hate to burst your outraged “bring them to justice” bubble, but exactly how much jail time do people typically get for (alleged) public urination, because that’s basically the only crime here, unless you view pulling little temporary plastic flags out of the ground vandalism. Sure, his message was offensive. His crime wasn’t.

    1. Section 73:Tombs, graves, memorials, trees, plants; injuring, removing …shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than five years or by imprisonment in the jail or house of correction for not more than two and one-half years and by a fine of not more Five Thousand Dollars. Forget the urinating part, just by removing the flags he is guilty. This is not just an ordinary public indecency case.

      1. The legislation you’re attempting to cite, MGL Part IV, Title I, Chapter 272, section 73, has not yet been tested in court.

        We may see some modification to this two-year old statute once it is.

        1. Would Section 13A-10-52 – Fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement officer be applicable in this case?

          1. Well – reiterating that the information provided in this posting is nearly all unvetted and unconfirmed, and quite likely untrue, …

            …yes: if evidence can be developed to support the original anecdotal report, and if they are charged with violating section 73, then this would be an ideal case – and I think the first – to test that law.

            I want to be clear: I’m not a lawyer – I’m just a dude. My lay research did not reveal any cases in which a violation of section 73 was charged. I’m doing my best to be diligent and complete in my research to support the chat.

            …Your second question is not something I can answer. The art of preparing charges against a suspect is a little bit jurisprudence, and a little bit voodoo, in my estimate. I believe that the suite of charges on would choose to apply in this case (again reiterating that the report of a person fleeing the state is completely unsubstantiated and uncorroborated) would be determined in part by, what evidence is available and its strength; what collection of charges is best representative of the crime in total; and what collection of charges have the greatest chance of being successfully prosecuted.

            All, of course, in my opinion. Except for the critiques against the information presented in this original posting: it is all suspect.

            1. I am always glad when I come across “commentators” (if that is the right word) like yourself on forums like this. Your input is greatly appreciated and I have actually learned something of value today.

              1. I appreciate your saying that. Accuracy and truth – well, I, for one, believe they’re important.

                And I believe a very good reason why they’re important is illustrated right here in this forum.

                1. I did some sleuthing and found his name Michael Lacey he is 31 from Rhode Island. An arrest warrant has been issued and they are waiting for him to be extradited from Rhode Island.

                  1. I did some sleuthing too.

                    I discovered an article published today (9/21/18) in the Boston Globe that identifies the person as Michael Lacey. Is that where your sleuthing lead you?

                    However, that article does not say he is from Rhode Island. That article says he is from Oregon.

  11. Since when do they have to ask the mayor for permission to issue a warrant. Wouldn’t that be the District Attorneys decision? Before Curtatone was mayor I used to consider him a friend, but now I just want him out of office!!!!! Arrest that piece of crap. I come from a military family that’s something Joe can’t say.

    1. There is absolutely no law that says that police reports on not available to the public during an ongoing investigation. Under the Public Records Law of Massachusetts, police reports are public records, and public records are subject to public records law.

      It sounds like you either do not know what you are talking about when you state you belief that, “Police Reports are NOT available to the public during an ongoing Investigation,” or you have misinterpreted your reading of “exemption (f) – the investigatory exemption,” as defined by MGL. c. 4, § 7(26)(f).

      Exemption (F) allows the custodian of a record to withhold that record, if (and only if) its release would interfere with an investigation – for example – by alerting a suspect to the fact that he is being sought.

      You can have your own copy of the police report – just write to Somerville PD and ask!

      …or do you think that they want to keep it a secret still that they’re looking for the guy with the tattoo?

  12. Screw that piece of shit Curtatone and bring charges against these pieces of shit. If the Mayor had an ounce of balls he would stand for the American Veterans who gave their lives for this country and not bend to bullshit political pressure. The lead investigating Officer should proceed with his report and seek charges and a warrant if the crime deems it so. I believe he would be on solid ground in doing so and after the backlash from the Troopergate report incident I don’t see how they could mess with him and not be exposed. Do the right thing !!! How do you people of Somerville keep voting that Asshole back in office

    1. Oh didn’t you see he’s having a Veterans Day Parade —— FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – how many terms has he been in ??? Coincidence?

  13. “According to sources.”

    You know, if you’re the New York Times, have a demonstrated record of credibility, etc., then, -maybe-, you can get away with citing your source as “sources,” instead of identifying your source of information.

    Until then, it sounds like you have written utter bullshit, or have stupidly believed something you have no way of verifying.

    Since there is a police report on record at Somerville PD, it sounds like you didn’t do your job as a journalist. Or your hobby – I don’t imagine anyone is paying you for this.

      1. There are two things that are verifiable:

        That George Gatteney posted an anecdotal report in which he claims to have witnessed certain events.

        That there is a report filed with the Somerville PD, filed by Mr. Gatteney, regarding the event he claims to have witnessed.

        There are no other verified facts or evidence in regard to this event, and specifically, the claims made in this article have no verification or evidence.

        Have a nice day.

  14. Screw the Mayor! As a veteran I am appalled at this!! They need to be brought to justice so others will see it is NOT acceptable behavior and it WILL have consequences! If an arrest isn’t made I will move back home and do all I can to get the Mayor legally out of office!!!!

    1. This man should have to perform many hours of communty service for veterans and sit in to PTSD sessions with veterans to hear their stories. Shame him but educate him along with it. I’m all for the right to protest but this was very wrong and hurtfull to many.

  15. Bullshit!! He’s hiding from Police. I hope the investigating Detective remains vigilant and brings this Suspect back to Somerville to face Justice along with His Tufts University Girlfriend.

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