Some Short Stand Down Memories In Somerville

By William Tauro

To all the critics and pod people out there who don’t believe that the Administration would never order his police department to stand down, just remember that history always repeats itself especially here in Somerville!

The recent South Middlesex Registrar Maria Curtatone’s underaged drinkfest/stabbing: What happened to the victims what happened to the suspects? When was the last time you even heard about it? Yeah, I forgot it’s election season and she’s on the ballot!

How about Crooked Corrupt Captain cover up? Do I need to remind you of this thing? Please and as I have said before, I think the last time that he told the truth is when he was in the dentist chair in fact he did lie that day as well! By the way he was and still is the man in charge of all these investigations on this article that you are reading that were never solved!

The infamous Curtatone Family flower shop fire: The cause and the suspects involved was spelled out by a family member in a half hour interview with me do you remember? How quickly we forget.

The DPW Overtime Scandal: My oh my how everyone forgot about that so soon even after taxpayers paid to fix the garage foreman’s vintage convertible not to mention all the overtime slips that he put in as evidence we provided I guess those didn’t matter either especially when it was on your dime!

The Mayor’s Cop Cousin Alex: You all must remember the one who was out for over a few years still getting paid $80,000 annually then went out on full disability on your dime.

The new evidence that surfaced on the Deanna Cremin case: Nah, why should the department investigate one of their own detective’s old school-day friends and oh yeah why should we circulate the composite that they received that matches the description? Has anyone seen the composite yet? Has anyone seen the letter yet? No biggie right? I guess not!

The missing $2 million that the city’s auditor ducked from the treasury and from the Mayor Gay Administration for the new incoming administration: What money? What two million dollars? Oh that money well here it is a week after the Inauguration.

Who remembers the missing Somerville Police Department Desk full of evidence in the form of $35,000 cash: What desk? What cash? Exactly!

How about the 14 year old at the with a manifesto to kill all the white students in his elementary school, do you remember that one? No worries he’s just a kid ha ha right!

The Somerville Bowling Alley Scandal in Ball Square: No biggie after bypassing a municipal bidding process via an MBTA eminent domain taking in Somerville and then offing the owner a 2% limited partnership in a $80,000,000.00 deal (yes the numbers are correct $80 million dollars)to partner with the developers and an accomplice? No more news on that I guess?

How about the missing money from the city’s Traffic and Parking Department years ago do I have to remind you?

How about the $10,000 envelope stuffing’s to be a Somerville Firefighter? One of those deals even took a Navy Seal/firefighter candidate’s life? That’s tragic but sad history now right?

How about the Somerville cop who put his penis on a copy machine in an elementary school then emailed it out to another cop to harass him from that same elementary school computer? I didn’t see no federal charges or no local charges or not even a slap on the hand with that did you? What photos? That’s right he even got promoted and then almost got promoted for a second time.

What about the protesters that shut down Interstate 93 and caused a nightmare for commuters and emergency vehicles? Oh yeah don’t forget the ambulance that was stuck inside that horrific traffic with a patient being rushed to the hospital. Did anyone say stand down?

What happened to the protesters in Davis Square? If I’m not mistaken did somebody ask the arresting police officer to unarrest them? Its a darn good thing that was a standup police officer that took pride and didn’t listen to that bull crap order from above.

What about the allegations of the DPW commissioner deleting his own water bills from the Somerville Water Department’s computers so he was free and clear to sell his house and erase all them municipal liens? Hey who me?

How about the FBI complaint that was sought? Mmmmm, SPD never investigated that either huh?

Well how about all the allegations and implications of the article stemming from 7 pages of The Grand Theft of Somerville from a very honest, reputable and well respected police officer? Or didn’t that one count because he was honest, reputable and well respected nor for sale?

How about the ten page letter that was written by a gay Somerville Policeman because and exposing the thugs who discriminated him because he was gay and all the allegations that he proved? All ten pages swept under the rug right?

Ch. 268A Section 2 talks about corruption in the Mass General laws. Curtatone comes dangerously close to this by allegedly asking an “appointed” Deputy Chief to not make due dilligence in bringing a criminal to trial. Especially where its alleged he is doing this to curry favor in an upcoming election, which that political office carries a substantial income and benefits.

He should stay away from influencing any judicial act!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the new deputy chief would come forward and take Curtatone out for the count and testify against him? Do you think it will really happen? It could because others are sick of all the bullcrap and finally stepping up to the plate in the Ville!

Over the past two years or so have you seen anyone dispute any of these claims and accusations or do a press release or even a press conference denying them? I haven’t, have you?

I could go on and on for hours but do you think that all these are just coincidences because you can’t make this stuff up? But you can give the standdown order and cover it up, yeah right!

So after the few of these fond old memories, now old news labled minuscule examples that have still gone unanswered, I ask you once again, do you don’t think the mayor would ask his police department to stand down? Really?

Drink some more Kool-Aid, then take two aspirins and call me in the morning!

4 thoughts on “Some Short Stand Down Memories In Somerville”

  1. I guess u only post replies that agree with your agenda huh? so the apple don’t fall too far from the tree….

  2. Wow 100 ,% the mayor and his family are corrupt
    And everyone knows that but it’s amazing how nothing ever happens hopefully some day he get taken out of shity hall

  3. What can be done about this? Even if half of these examples are true there should be some repercussions. Don’t say call aour elected officials because they are the ones hiding these stories. Seems to me these stories are falling on deaf ears?????

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