Stephen PICARD (A&B on Person +60 or Disabled, Threat to Commit Crime, Defacement Malicious Wanton Property)

On August 29th, 2018, I, Officer James Torres, was in full uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 2 during the day shift. At approximately 2:07 PM, I, along with Officer Christopher Fusco (East 3), were dispatched to 14 McGrath Highway (McDonalds), for a report of a check condition, where a male was back inside there and was causing a scene. I’d like to note that I responded to that location about a half hour prior, for a report of a fight. Dispatch had updated units that the individual causing a scene at the McDonalds was the one involved in the earlier fight.

Upon my arrival, I observed an unidentified male, screaming and yelling at the employees inside there. It was at this time that I asked this male to step outside of the restaurant, so that I could speak to him. The unidentified male complied and stood by outside with Officer Fusco. I first spoke to the employees at the McDonalds and they informed me that this male had been involved in a fight earlier inside the restaurant and now was back, screaming and yelling while looking for his lost phone, disturbing the customers inside there. The McDonalds employees asked him to leave but he refused. I then went out and spoke to the male subsequently identified as Stephen Picard. Mr. Picard informed me that earlier he was using the bathroom at the McDonalds when another male party kept knocking on the door and bothering him when he was trying to use the bathroom. Mr. Picard then stated that an argument occurred between the two and he then slapped the other male. Mr. Picard then stated that he then left the McDonalds and was heading to Boston, when could not find his cell phone, he returned back to the McDonalds to try and look for it.

I then went over and spoke to the other involved party who was still on scene from the earlier fight. This party was identified as XXXX. XXXX corroborated Mr. Picard’s story but stated that Mr. Picard slapped him in the face twice. When XXXX was slapped by Mr. Picard, XXXX’s eye glasses fell to the floor popping out one of the lenses. XXXX’s cell phone also fell to the ground resulting in a shattered screen. I’d like to note that at the initial call for a fight at the McDonalds, XXXX was on scene and he was treated by EMS for a bloody nose, but refused to go to the hospital.

While talking to XXXX, I could hear Mr. Picard from across the parking lot, yelling over at XXXX in an aggressive manner, in regards to the incident that took place between the two. I then walked over to Mr. Picard and told him that he needed to quiet down. Mr. Picard refused and continued yelling and swearing and using profanity. There was a mother and young child entering the McDonalds and they appeared to be alarmed by Mr. Picard’s aggressive body language and yelling of profanities. Officer Fusco also told Mr. Picard that he needed to settle down and this is when Mr. Picard began yelling at Officer Fusco. Mr. Picard asked Officer Fusco if he lived in Somerville and stated to him that he would “Find Him”. When Officer Fusco asked Mr. Picard what he meant, Mr. Picard started to clench his fists and started to waive them in a manner where he was implying that he was planning on assaulting Officer Fusco. It was at this time that Mr. Picard was placed under arrest, handcuffs double locked.

Mr. Picard was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Justin Buswell and booked by Lieutenant William Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer James Torres

Badge #329

Somerville Police Dept

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