Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Leodan SALMERON-MOLINA (VCO Open Container)

On August 21, 2018, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At 1:00pm, I was dispatched, along with Officer Shaun Clark (East 4) to x Franklin St for the report of two unwanted homeless males on the property.

Upon arrival I located Leodan Salmeron-Molina and XXXX, two homeless males well known to the Somerville Police Department for their public drinking, public urination, and trespassing issues in the lower Broadway corridor of Somerville.

The homeowner, XXXX, stated these males constantly hang around her property and drink alcohol, leaving trash behind. I have responded to this address in the past, however the males were gone when we arrived. I have advised Salmeron-Molina that the owner of x Franklin St did not want them on her property. XXXX trespassed both individuals from x Franklin St in my presence, and both males stated they understood. I advised them that the residents of this neighborhood are tired of their drinking and public urination. Due to the constant complaints, I informed them that they would not be receiving a break on these types of offenses.

Both individuals were sent on their way, and they walked on Franklin St toward Broadway. I remained at x Franklin St due to numerous residents exiting asking how they can prevent this type of activity from occurring in the future. While speaking with the residents, Officer Shaun Clark alerted me that Leodan Salmeron-Molina was now standing next to a bench on Broadway at the corner of Franklin St, consuming a 40 ounce Natural Light beer. Seated on the bench was a juvenile female. Salmeron-Molina stated the beer was just there, so he began to consume it.

I placed Salmeron-Molina under arrest for a violation of city ordinance 9-1 Alcoholic beverages in public places which reads “No person shall give, sell, deliver, have in his or her possession either in an open or unopened container, or consume any alcoholic beverage in a public park, playground”.

While waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle, Salmeron-Molina stated he would just tell the judge the police made this up, and he would return to Broadway to drink again.

Officer Brown transported Salmeron-Molina to the station in unit 200 where he was booked by Sgt. Shackelford.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.

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