Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kyle WRIGHT (VCO Open Container)

On August 26, 2018 at about 4:40 PM, Officer C. Collette (West 7) and I (Mark Nevin / West 6) were dispatched to the CVS Drug Store in Davis Square in response to a complaint about loiterers blocking the store entrance and the sidewalk.

While stopped at the red light at Highland Avenue and College Avenue, I observed one group of about 6 people loitering in front of CVS’s entrance and another group of about 5 people loitering on the sidewalk midway between Dover and Day Streets. A white male (later identified as Kyle Wright) with the group in front of the CVS entryway was drinking from a bottle of vodka.

When the light turned green, I drove to where I observed Mr. Wright drinking and parked. The second group of people immediately left the area. I approached Mr. Wright and placed him under arrest for open alcohol. The remaining alcohol was poured out and the container discarded.

I notified Dispatch about the arrest and requested the prisoner transport wagon. Mr. Wright was transported to the station and booked by Lt. Sheehan.

Mr. Wright was charged with (9/1) Open Container and was issued a municipal ordinance violation (SCO 58701) for open alcohol.

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Mark Nevin #300

Somerville Police Department

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